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Thank you David for not taking my proud and foolish words personally; and for not getting distracted.

Nervous system can be a practical model.

Models and concepts can be useful, and are also part of the prison of the psychological “me”.

Every circumstance carries within itself its own solution/dissolution back into the bliss of being; effortlessly, naturally.

The fulfillment, the completeness is always here and now, independent of circumstances.

David, can we agree that all of our suffering is due to a misguided sense of self?

A “me” on whose behalf we identify, think and feel, that renders this world of ideas, names and forms.

Did this “me” come into existence through punishment and reward?

I don’t mean this as a theoretical question to entertain the clever thinking mind, but as a humble invitation to examine, to explore the “me” (the suffering) willing to have nothing to hold onto.

Impersonally, without blame, shame or guilt, knowing that we are all brothers and sisters, if we like it or not, no matter how we are conditioned.

Agitation is itself the separate-self – an assumed entity that exists only as the past of thinking and muscle-memory. What is left but love ❤️ simply by knowing knowing knowing.


Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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