I am that I am


I am that I am … so who is writing this?

Can I get a witness?
Birds, bees, hornets, and lizards arrive to find impermanence as they again move out of my perception.
I stay to see it come and go.

As pure awareness, as the presence of being itself.
I am, I said.. to no one else.

One with everything, not two.
I. am.

The peace… that is beyond understanding.
I see.
I love.
I am.

I love everything I see.
I am everything that I see.

The substrate to everything is knowing.

The knowing of this thought, this breath, this moment.
All there is is this knowing – your knowing.

I’m never not known.

Playful light-heartedness, peaceful joy, joyful peace.
Not a thing.

I am.
Life is.
I am life.

The ultimate truth of all existence is that I am that which knows I exist.

I enjoy being.
My person is not who I am.
I am that which knows of the person, but I am not the person.

Happy, tingles in my being.
Smile happens.

Worry… from the biology of the person, noticed, immediately, transmuted into awareness of personhood…

The bees, buzzing.
The birds, playing.
Lizards, lazing.

The smells, the breath of nature, intimately tied to sights, sounds.
Life living.
I am-ing.

The dog barks, god farts.

A moment: the dog, walking away, turns back, wags, I smile, more wags, smile harder, comes running for pets. So sweet.

Letting go, just being here, now.
Always here, now.
Nowhere else to go…

Make friends with it.
Let go of control.
Just be here now – is all you ever have to do.

Be like a leaf floating down the stream – not minding calm waters while being still over white waters.

Be like the sun, always shining your knowing awareness on anything that comes , but not have preferences about what is being illumined.

Bee buzzing, owl hooting, birds chirping.
Cells dividing, thoughts are trying to be convincing.

Life is living me, knowingly.

Peace be with you .
Peace is always with you.

At your core, you are made of peace.

Patrick Bzdak

By Patrick Bzdak

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