Why Beauty Matters

“The experience bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart of our true nature.”

“… it engenders a powerful memory of our true origins. We have an experience that ‘jumps over’ the organizations of the mind and takes us directly to a connectedness with all that is.  Heading ‘home’ is the direction it takes us and we love this journey because it rings with the sound of who we truly are.”

Art (architecture, music, etc.) heals the fundamental malaise of our culture, the feeling of alienation, despair, separation, the longing for love.

We do not view a work of art, we participate in it.  The nature of art is to bring back the world we have rejected, the world that we have deemed other, separate, made out of dead matter…to bring it close, intimate, to realize our self as one with its very fabric.

……..The role of the artist (architect, musician, etc.) is to transmit to humanity the deepest experience of reality.  Art is remembrance.  It is love. It is like a sword that distinguishes between appearances and reality.

“The mind will then rise up and begin to ‘divide and conquer’ the immediacy of the experience.  We will question as to whether the object is smooth or coarse, thick or thin; or whether it belongs to this category or that category.  However, if we stay close to our raw experience then the object will communicate to us the origins of its true intent…………and if the maker of the object is aligned with that essential nature then that object will enter a new realm.

This realm is Beauty.”

Bill Evans-My Foolish Heart

Quotes quoted from Scott L Guyon

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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