I don’t like this!

Am I coming from lack or love?

Something is off…

What is my natural state?

What do I really want?

Personally I believe a lot, but really know no-thing.
I lived as if thoughts and feelings are “me” in “this world”.

I start to embrace the difference between experiencing and conceptualizing.

Experiencing – good, bad or indifferent – is alive, concepts are dead.

Concepts can be powerful, when I take them to heart, when I explore myself in them.

Experientially I am borderless, conceptually/habitually I am limited.

One I, one reality, uncounted viewpoints.

Who cares (-;

Where do I find myself?

“A concept is something that some can accept and others can’t.”

“The only truth in the manifestation is the impersonal sense I am; the rest are concepts.”

How to keep spiritual seeking practical?
What is my benchmark, my bs-meter?

It is my personal (-; experience that I struggled for decades, alone with my whiner and complainer, trapped, even in noble intentions.

Dedicated human-interchange with truth lovers makes all the difference:

Nothing at stake, nothing to lose but lifelong misconceptions ❤️ pride, shame, guilt… the whole shebang of suffering… only because of a little misunderstanding.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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