I am going to read you just a kind of

very brief intro to the to this

book in progress just give you a little

kind of simple context for it

all right

there’s only one thing to investigate

and that is this

this that is present

this that’s appearing

this that is being experienced

and so that is what

this book is about


there are of course many other words we

could use to try to convey or

characterize what’s happening here

but i particularly like the word this

because it’s one

that isn’t typically associated with any

fixed concepts


ideologies or cosmologies

my teaching is essentially about getting

to what is most fundamental

most basic

most primal

about this

this cannot be pinned down

it is ultimately inconceivable

in seeing this inconceivability

the natural perfection that transcends

all conventional notions

of perfect or imperfect

can be discovered


wants for nothing

and yet


as all wanting

the very existence of this

is pure miracle

everything is being done

by this

this is always disappearing

and yet

can never be lost

everything is the emanation

of this

this is always being experienced

for there is nothing else to experience

but this

this has zero duration

and yet

it never ceases to be

this is in a state of constant death

and yet

it can never be destroyed

this is all that exists

for any perception of something other

than this

would be just that

a perception

which would of course be this

this cannot be any other way

than the way that it is

until it is

the investigation of what this actually


reveals there is no final answer

to that question

this is forever revealing its nature


and inconceivable

to the core

whatever is happening

is this

and yet

all versions of this

are this

this requires no effort to sustain it

for it creates

and sustains


this is inclusive

of everything

this is always full on

it is not possible to have more or less

of this

there is only one thing


and yet

this manifests with infinite variety

all interpretations of this

are this

and yet this does not conform to any of

its interpretations

this always appears in perfect clarity

for if there were something blocking or

obscuring this

nothing would appear

this is not what you think it is

so then what exactly is it

the closer we draw to this

investigating what it is made of

the more it seems to move away from us

like a receding horizon

that we can never quite reach

no matter how many steps we might take

toward it

every instant is nothing less than the

streaming forth

of this

there really are no words for this

other than to say

it is all words

notice that this

doesn’t depend

upon the particular way

it happens to be appearing

for it always remains this

no matter the appearance

this has no duration

its very becoming

is also its ending

this remains itself

always the same

yet ever-changing

this is constantly being lost

and yet impossible to lose

this is always being experienced

for there is nothing else to experience

but this

no matter where you go

or what occurs

you can never be cast out of this

for there is only ever this

this can appear as anything

and everything

this delights

in all of its appearances

this has no bottom no top

no inside

no outside

no beginning

no end

no stopping

no starting

no depth

no surface

this is having a continuous love affair

with itself

this has no discernible borders

or boundaries

this is concretely present

at the same time

impossible to find

or grasp hold

this is specific

and indefinite

at the same time

this is always being itself despite its

endless diversity

and differentiation

there is no possibility of distraction

from this

for there is only this

this is always

at rest

within itself

despite its constant movement

and dynamism

this is indescribable

yet alive

as every description

this takes shape as every concept

yet remains forever inconceivable

this is forever finding itself


and as

every perception

this is pure luminosity awake and

shining forth

as everything that appears

this effortlessly arises

and dissolves

as each flash instant

this appears as all practices

that one might engage in

to realize this

this cannot be found in what we call the


the future

nor the instantaneously vanishing


and yet

here it is

this is both the apparent seeker

and whatever it is that is being sought

this is everything that is known

and yet at the same time wholly


this is wildly and deliciously


this is spontaneously present


without origin

this is never opposed to nor in conflict

with any of its expressions

this is a ceaseless shape shifter

this is forever gazing at itself

in all its many forms

this is the seer

the seeing

and the seen.


Thank you Ethan!

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. There are words/concepts which refer to their referent, which refer to their source, which refer to their reality. The word ‘this’ is not one of them.
    Consider the word awareness. The word awareness appears in awareness. It refers to its source. It refers directly and immediately to the experience of awareness.
    Also, the word presence. The word presence appears in presence and refers directly and immediately to the experience of presence.
    As well as the word love, consciousness, reality…
    Consider the word/concept chair. The word chair does not appear in a chair. It’s a concept which does not appear in its referent. The word chair refers to a perception in the mind.
    The word this does not appear in this. It appears in awareness. It appears in presence. It does not appear in ‘this’.
    When you hear the word chair, an image appears of an object with 4 legs, made out of wood or out of metal. When you hear the word ‘this’, an image appears in the mind. I am not sure what image. Maybe a perception. Maybe a puzzling question. It depends on each person who is hearing the word this. Some may ask: What do you mean by this? Do you mean my mind? Do you mean the mountain that I am perceiving? Do you mean my feelings? etc.
    There are a couple of teachers who use this ambiguous language using the term ‘this’.
    I do not find it helpful.

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