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My email from yesterday

Dear Friend,
I just thought about you, in the world of ideas:

Art doesn’t end at the edge of the canvas – by Derek Sivers

This video is only 2 minutes, and it doesn’t tell you anything outrageous.

On one level we know already all the ideas.
… but what makes them alive, practical, enjoyable?

I am not suggesting that you need to change anything.
If the video tickled something, check out Your Music And People

What do I really want?


PS: GardenOfFriends.com

PPS: Let me know in case you feel burdened, if you have too much on your mind… 

Thank you for your replies (-;

Thank you for this email. Somehow coming from you, it puts a smile on my face and makes me ponder about future steps and ways to create a bigger following for my art. Marketing is the key and I know who holds it too —- me.

Surely, something in the process to put my art out there in different ways will somehow change. I am and will be open to it.

Thank you for thinking of me.

Well Holger,

I could tell you a few things about art. I took a BFA with a concentration in sculpture, but I also have many insights into how art communicates. You may, ahem, pick my brains.

That’s interesting, thanks for sharing. Strong resistance here to the idea of marketing…however you can extrapolate your thinking and come to the conclusion that all of life is marketing….crazy idea, have to think about it more.

By the way, did you listen to Roger’s satsang from yesterday? The Q and A session was pure fire especially that last question.

Happy Sunday!

Some replies to replies

Thank you …!

Yes, I equated marketing always with “penetrating a market”…
F#@&ing with people’s minds… creating artificial needs.

“Bringing to market”… 
Sharing what you do best…

What does the world need?
Is there ethical marketing?

Focusing only on money/gain everything becomes a replaceable thing, we loose touch, we do stupid and cruel things; like being hypnotized. IMHO. 

Different aspects, different attitudes… either from love or from lack?

Yes, I was at Roger’s Satsang… right now I don’t remember anything (-; 

Will listen again.

Thank you for your email (-; 

PS: Maybe one day there is something to say: 


Thank you S, good to hear from you (-; 

E-art-h, He-art on the Light side,
f-art on the dark side.

Life as art…
Grace, beauty, being touched deeper than making-sense.

What do I assume myself to be?
What do I really know?
Do I come from love or from lack?

CONCEPTUALLY I am a person with shortcomings,
EXPERIENTIALLY I am borderless Awareness, unburdened, open…

Thank you S for your offer!

#1 How about a meeting in a small Zoom, focusing on art,  and you would share some of your insights?

#2 Often I had the idea of a directory with people who’d love to offer/share their skills/time/care (in part for free).

Life is so rich, so many people, so many insights, but scattered, fragmented… 

If there were such a directory (for truth lovers, for people who rather want to unite than exploit) how would you present/share yourself?

Intro paragraph?
More detailed text?

  • Keywords / areas of interest
  • what are you good at
  • what do you love
  • what is your availability

Sorry S, I have no wish to sell you anything; this email here just popped up; I have no expectations or attachments; no wish to burden you.

I hope you are doing okay; give D a hug from me.

Life is so much more than our “me”-narrative.
Life becomes so little when we reduce it only to making-sense.


Holger Hubbs

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