This is the greatest emotion.
This is the only emotion.
This is eternal.
All emotion arises and dies in this.
Everything else is emotivity, states, transitions, all feeling that is in time and space, bound to an object.

This is without object.
It is completely unconditioned.
The heart of all existence is this.
All that exists is in our heart.

This is unexpressed.
The radiation of this comes from this and brings you back to the unexpressed.
When you come back to yourself.
You know this, not your person.
You know this, free from body, free from senses, free from mind.

In this there are no negative feelings,
no hate, no fear, no moods, no anxiety, no compulsion, no conflict.
This is beyond the split mind, beyond high and low, beyond complementarity.

The heart has no division.
The one you love is yourself.
The one you hurt is yourself.

There are glimpses of this when you are free from the I- image.
Remember the glimpse.
Remember the moments of no- relationship, no other.
When you know yourself, you know another.
When there is no you, there is no other.

Only this.

You must be ripe to this, be ready.
Knowing yourself in your absence of self.
This is only when there is no you.
This is in your total absence.
In total absence is total presence.

Is This.

Adapted (by Ethan?) from Jean Klein:
The Book of Listening

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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