Awakening Mind – 1

Awakening Mind Part 1, “Know Thyself” (2023)

“The world’s problems stem from the delusion that we are this limited character, which has a tendency to grasp for what it wants and create suffering in the world. Awakening is the answer to all of the world’s problems on every level because it leads to less suffering for ourselves and those around us. The peace and happiness for which we all long cannot be found in objective experience, but rather it can only be found by understanding our true nature. The biggest question of life is who am I? and every experience in our life brings us to this universal question. We can directly experience who we are by letting everything be exactly as it is and having a complete experience of everything that comes up as a result of our inquiry.

Awakening is the recognition of our true nature, which is already fully awake and aware. It is not a mystical experience only available to a few, but rather it is available to everyone. Consciousness is the ultimate reality of the universe, and the next step in science is to say that consciousness is fundamental. Awakening or realizing awareness is like waking from a dream of our character in the play of life. Through our characters, we experience the world in all of its beauty and ugliness, but we can awaken from our limited character and directly experience our true nature.”

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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