Exploring Reality as God

Michael Singer, Thursday June 1, 2023

Jibrod, JMS. What we just chanted? All things fade away. God alone is real. All you see was ceased to be. God alone is real. doesn’t fall into the realm of spirituality or religion, or devotion or any of these things.

It falls under the realm of quantum physics. and it really, really does. And we’ll just go very briefly on that, and then you will see how all of that ties into the true spirituality and the true use of the word of God.

The scientists, what they are discovering factually reality when they go down deep enough, and they’ve got these tremendous machines like the Cyclron and burn, that can it was a twelve miles long underground.

It’s circular, and they shoot a proton. around and collide it with another proton, unbelievable, and then watch to see what they’re made of. I mean, this is science.

What are they found? In the simplest sense, and I’m not a quantum physicist, but the understanding of what they have found is that what is down there are not electron neutrons and protons, whereas down there are fields of energy.

That’s all. Hot particles, fields of energy, waves of energy. Light. Light is an energy wave. Electromagnetism, energy wave. They’re just fields of energy. That’s how they explain it. They’ve called the quantum field.

These fields of energy like the ocean as waves interact with each other. When they are not interacting, that’s the most beautiful part When there’s no interaction between the fields, the fields behave as waves as just fields of energy.

That’s all there’s just fields of energy. when they interact, they close what they call agitation. 2 things interact.

I mean, if 2 sign waves interact with each other, they can cancel each other out. There’s these waves hit each other. So when the waves of the quantum fields interact, they say it excites the field because of the interaction.

And what happens is the wave begins to break into particles into what the whole quantum little packets of energy. Instead of wave of energy, it behaves. So, like, isn’t it true if you put oil and water It starts to beat up.

Okay? So they start to beat up the wave bees up, and it bees up exactly into certain size packets of energy. And each of those is called a quantum. That’s what we call quantum physics, quantum energy. And that’s where an electron is.

There’s no electron. There’s just the electron field, but in interaction with another field, it does that thing of breaking its wave up into packets, and that packet of energy is what you call a particle.

That’s what you call an electron or neutron or proton. of electromagnetic force, etcetera.

I’m not gonna get into the details. But quarks, leptons, and bosons, these are the types of particles and not particles. There are no particles. There are just waves. Now that’s all quantum physics is.

It is saying that things behave as quantum. so that if it breaks up into a size 2 energy, there might not be another packet except a size 6, and there’s nothing in between. Some basically breaks up in those exact sizes all the time.

Every time, there’s nothing in between. Okay? So, basically, there it is. Now why do I discuss that? Why is that spiritual? Well, think of the wave, the power, the force as god.

That’s just a force field throughout the entire universe, everything in the universe, all the galaxies, everything going on forever is made of this. It is omnipresent. I read that once in a a NASA write up. I’m a scientist.

They use the word the quantum field is omnipresent. Well, that’s what got me thinking. Well, the only time I ever heard the word omnipresent used before was for God. I’m the president, omniscient. Unipitant. Never heard those 3?

Okay. Well, we got one of them right there. But scientists said it. It’s omnipresent. It’s absolutely everywhere throughout the What is? These underlying waves of energy. They don’t it’s not like there are waves and there are particles.

There are waves, and when they interact, they behave this way. So particle is a certain behavior of wave when it interacts with other fields. There’s nothing there just like light. There’s nothing there.

It’s all made. The Yogi used to say it’s made of light. Mastering you and I always taught that. It’s made of light. Well, it turns out he’s right. Turns out the scientists by the time they got to the bottom said there is no matter.

There is no matter. There is no weight. There is no matter. There is no nothing. There’s just fields of energy moving underneath. and they behave in this quantum way that they break themselves up if they interact.

If they don’t interact, they just stay ways. But if they interact, excitation of the interaction causes this quanta to be built, and then that’s what you think of as an electron return profile.

Actually, maybe you’ve heard the words, because I had to talk about quarks, leptons, and bosons.

Right? It makes a quanta called a quark, and there’s types of quark So 2 up quarks in a down quark make a proton, 2 down quarks in an up quark make a neutron.

You don’t need to know this. but it’s phenomenal, isn’t it? There are no electron degenerate protons.

There’s just waves of energy that behave this way when they interact with something else. And if you put them together except you don’t put them together, they put themselves together. The natural forces put them together.

When they come up, they have positive or negative, and they have what they call spin and force, etcetera. And then that causes the natural laws causes them to put themselves together into a proton or neutron.

And then you know what happens. than these nothing. They’re nothing. They’re not there. That’s why Equinor Physician is so amazing. They said, we look and we see this then we take something away, and and there’s it’s gone.

It disappears. It’s just waves. Take certain circumstances for them to interact together. to where you begin to build what you guys see as reality as life. It’s not reality. It doesn’t change.

I used to ask you As follows. I have in my hand what you guys call water. Okay? Now you answer me. You have to be a great physicist. ABC, there’s a test. Do I have water in my hand, or do I have H2O molecules in my hand?

Or do I have hydrogen and oxygen atoms in my hand? or do I have electron do certain approaches of my hand, or do I have quarks, leptons, and bosons of my hand? Which one is it? None of them. All of them.

That is the difference between nothing being there and what you see this being here. It’s just like ice and water. They’re the same. What did Einstein say? Energy is matter matter to energy, and the difference is a temporary state.

What level do you want to look at it? There’s nothing here but pure energy. It didn’t stop being energy. because it put itself together. If you take Lego blocks and build the most beautiful castle, there’s still Lego blocks.

Just because now you see a castle or a spaceship, no. They are Lego blocks. This is nothing. All things fade away. God alone is real. All you see will cease to be. You say cease to be, meaning, okay. Your house will fall down.

This body will die. No. It ceases to be every millisecond. These things don’t stay. It’s like Aquana gets created as solid. No. It it disappears. May, to disappears. Like, we were taught. I don’t mind that you should know some physics.

That’s good. We were taught when you went to school, you drew a circle electron rings. Remember? They’ve circled around the nucleus, and there was 2 in this ring and 4 in that ring and 4 in that ring?

No. There’s not anything like that. they cannot know where an electron will be. It’s a wave. And because of the interaction, every once in a while periodically, it forms into a planet.

And then disappears, drops away. No. Quanta drops away. So it it’s kinda like a an area it’s an area where they’re popping up and down. Woah. That’s how tenuous you are.

This is not real, and that’s not spirituality talking, is it? Right. So that is the foundation of our discussion tonight. If that is reality and it is, where’s the beef? What are they having trouble with? Do you have trouble with light?

It just shines. It’s everywhere. everything is made of the same. And so we teach it’s all one. It is all one. Your body is made of 25 trillion individual living cells. Those cells are made of atoms. Those atoms do not exist.

They are made of the quantum field temporarily popping out and putting itself together. It’s so tenuous, it’s ridiculous. the fact that it should even exist, isn’t it? Why do you have trouble? Why is it not like, wow.

Look what it made. And don’t tell me well, but but people, humans built the buildings. The buildings are made of bricks, and the people are made of bodies That just shows how big the ego is. I did this. You didn’t do anything.

If if something changed, it would disappear. If it stopped behaving the way it’s behaving down there, everything would just be light and would just all disappear. Now, by the way, you want to we’re talking so deep.

There’s a thing in the yogic scriptures and the deep teachings that talks about the manifest and the unmanifest. Never heard that. Manifesting the unmatched, the dual and the non dual. Now we get into deep, zen, deep.

It’s not deep at all. We just told you it is unmanifest. There’s a field of energy down there, some fields of energy. They’re not manifestation. Okay? The closest of manifestation were in the indirect they made there.

It manifests. It came into creation. Otherwise, it’s not there. It’s just waves of energy. Energy is nothing. Alright? So when it manifests or when this apparent manifestation takes place, it then builds up all the way up.

Like we said, from electron emission protons to hydrogen atom, oxygen atoms to water you know, it’s just there’s no answer. Is there? It’s still unmanifest? It’s not the question, is it manifest or unmanifest?

It is both at the same time. The quantum field doesn’t ceased to be what it is because particles manifested it. Water doesn’t cease to be what it is because you froze it, or because it became vapor.

It’s all the same. just a different form. So the unmanifest is real. It exists. It’s there. It’s still there. Right now, it’s unmanifest. god. Why do I pull that god? There’s 2 aspects.

You know, NASA wants to say it’s omnipresent. It is. Clanafil is omnipresent. You know what else it is? Unipotent. What do you mean? Every single force and creation that you know of comes from that field. There is nothing else, period.

There’s just the 4 fundamental forces that create everything. electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear, weak nuclear, which is unbelievable. 4 forces make every single thing you say. 4 forces turn the quantum field into you. into that.

There’s no other forces, and those forces are part of the Quantum field. So it’s god. It’s god. Alright? Now people write me want me to get involved in discussions. Does the world really exist? Is it a figment of our imagination?

Is it just mind manifesting? Can we create our universe Well, I wanna think about that for. It’s just there’s just a mind game, it’s a mind game, and mine can’t know anything. Mine is made of the same barnacles, the same stuff.

So the deep ones, the Thursday and patriot, I always quote you from that. The great way is not typical for those who have no preferences. It goes on to say, people want to discuss the reality of things and the non reality of things.

Pay no attention. Do not ever do that with your mind. Why? You just keep your mind. You can’t know truth if you’re hanging out on mine. Why? because mine’s not the truth. It’s just something you’re thinking about.

So but understand that we now have a foundation. I hope you understand saying that. And when I use the word god, so far we have a quantum field that is undifferentiated, they see multiple fields fine at some point.

Einstein was trying to find a unified field theory. At some point, they’ll go down deep enough to where one field is behaving as multiple fields.

Doesn’t matter. It still just feels and fields are nothing. So you have an omnipresent field that is manifesting apparent forces that are causing the particles to be pulled together.

And it ended up making this. That is unbelievable. And if you wanna leave humans out of it, there’s no problem. We’ve only been here for, you know, how many hundreds 1000 a year, maybe not even a 1,000,000, I don’t think.

Alright? And this has been here 13,800,000,000. Okay? It made itself. everything, the whole planet, all the stars, all the galaxies, all the grass, the trees, the animals, humans didn’t do that, did they?

So therefore, I get to say it’s omnipresent and omnipotent. it made all things. It is the force of creation. Don’t we call god the creator?

I just don’t want people coming in here, they’re atheist, and think I don’t agree with them. compared to what people think about god, this guy in the Sistine chapel was his finger out touching you with a beard.

Okay? It’s okay. Alright. But to keep god the size of your mind, that’s what we’re doing. You made up a god that fits inside your mind. And that’s called spiritual. No. It’s not spiritual. So, basically, we have true spirituality.

Which is an omnipresent, omnipotent force that is underlying all things. It is always there So, like, did god create the universe and leave? Did H. Schuho molecules create water and go away? Of course not. They are the same thing.

Ever heard the statement? All this is god? All this is god? Guess what? It is. It never ceased to be. For the force, the powerful underlying force of creation still exists, making creation the same every single second.

It will never go away. It can’t go away. That’s why Christ said. Not a hair on your head moves that he doesn’t know. that a sparrow falls from the tree that god doesn’t know.

He is a sparrow. He’s the hare. This is hilarious. It is a manifestation of the unmanifest, and that used to sound mystical. The yogas sit there and say, the unmanifest manifested but remained unmanifest.

If I had started this discussion with you, You go, wha. Now do you see it? It’s unmanifest and just because the interaction of the waves, it creates particles, and then this and this and this.

So manifestation and unmanifestation are there simultaneously, and it all came out of the unmanifest, and the Unmanifest continue to be unmanifest.

In the Indi scriptures, they call the unmanifest Brahma. That force is brahma, and then other force has come for. That’s all the same thing.

I could just sit here and talk to you for an entire hour this way, but you wouldn’t come back. I wish you wouldn’t come back to yourself because this is the truth. You can sit there and say, how’s help me put food on the table?

What is food? What is the table? Who are you? It’s like, give me a break. So now let’s talk about the next force, consciousness. Form now exists. I want you to really get it.

Is this floor solid? I just said it’s nothing but a wave of energy. Energy, you you walk right through it. It doesn’t do anything. How come you no fall through the floor? Do you know? The floor is not solid. in no way shape or form.

What is happening is by the time this quantum field manifests up to electron nuclear protons and makes atoms It is true that the outside of every atom surrounding the nucleus are electrons, and electrons have a chart Those particles that got created have a charge.

It’s a negative charge. So now you have every single atom in creation, every man in atoms, surrounded with negative charges. They’re all negative charge.

But how does the 2 negative charges interact with each other? They repel. You ever done it? Hold two magnets together? That’s why you don’t fall through the floor. Period. There is no other reason. The floor is not solid.

What’s happening is the atoms that make up your foot and your entire body are strong enough to where when the atoms that make up the earth, which are all negative charged, the 2 negative charges touch each other, and you are not feeling the floor.

You’re feeling the same thing as when you push those negative pulls of magnet together.

Period. When I used to teach this when I taught college way back in the seventies, I used to tell the students. So the truth of the matter is You have never ever touched your lover.

In fact, they find you rather repulsive. No one’s ever touched anybody. No one’s ever touched anything. Extrapolate. If your hand is all negative and your arm is all negative, Why don’t they go through each other?

Because they repel. We’ll wait a minute. If I’m holding a magnet and I’m pushing it together, unless I’m strong enough, it’ll push me away. It’ll push away. How come it doesn’t push it away?

Because your bones are more solid than the skin. So they’re bound together. Some molecular bonds are stronger so they can whisk stand that, and so it goes all the way down. How come the earth doesn’t move when I jump?

But I didn’t say for every action, there’s equal, opposite reaction. So when I jump down, there has to be equal opposite reaction. The earth has to move. No. Why? It goes to the solid and the negative.

Okay. How come that doesn’t all move because it around and you have gravity and centripical force. Physics is your friend. Science is your friend. It frees you from the stupidness that you walk around with all day.

Saying, I am this. I am that. I want this. I what do you want? I told someone challenged somebody once. I have a periodic table. Somebody gave me a gift for having in my study.

Alright. It’s a nice big career our table. Do you understand every single thing you interact with, every single day is made of those things on the table? There is nothing else in the universe, but those natural elements.

That’s it. All the stars, little moons, and the thing that every single thing your baby hair in your zit on your face. Every single thing is made of those atoms. So why are you having trouble here? Why is it not just, oh my god.

This is unbelievable every second. Look at that. If somebody standard are yelling at just when you know you’re getting somewhere. You did something good with your mind. Somebody standing there yelling at you.

You are not freaking out. They’re yelling at you. You’re freaking out because there’s something there making noise. How did it get there? The quantum field manifested up to that. Doesn’t matter what they’re saying.

The fact that can say it. It’s phenomenal. They made vocal cords. They make all those different sounds, and you have ear drums and things that can hear them. Oh my it’s just you should be blown away. That’s what great master is.

Rama Krishna there, the great one above the door. That’s why I have the master’s pictures here. I love the master’s. He was so far gone that somebody had to walk behind him every minute of every day, one of his disciples.

You know, You’re the type where you sweep the Ashram, and you fix this, and you do this, and you do that, and you do that, and you walk behind the master.

He’s a grown man. Well, I have to walk behind the master. was any moment at any time, he would see what we just talked about.

He would look at this world and see god, see the reality of the underlying. His tears will start pouring it down his eyes. Doctors saw every hair in his body would stand on in.

The arm would go up. The head would go back and he’d fall over and sometimes for hours at a time. In this state of complete ecstasy because he saw a child leaning against a tree with his legs crossed like Krishna used to stand.

That’s also It didn’t take anything. They once asked him he he would be invited he would be invited to prime ministers dinners and say he was a very highly revered saint.

You know, the greatest ever walked to face in the earth. And in India, they recognized the saints. And so he’d be invited to all kinds of places. He’s decided to go with him. and he start doing this stuff. Alright?

He stand up and just start dancing and and crying in the middle of the mirror. So the disciples will come to us and say, don’t you get embarrassed? You know what he said? because he he was like a child. He respected them so much.

He would try to answer them, but he was so far gone. They couldn’t down. He said, you know how you people talk about a ghost or something that you see? Everyone’s in a while, a ghost, the type figure would go and then fade away.

That’s how I see your world. All it is is blinding light wherever I look, and every once in a while, something you talk about. seems to manifest and goes away like a building. The great ones saw the truth.

That’s why 1000 and 1000 years ago in the upanishads, they said it was all life. It’s all god. There is nothing but god. The rest is just a trick your mind is playing on you. It’s pretty neat and There are people who reach that state.

By the way, some people will cross say, I’m enlightened. You are not enlightened. So let’s get this straight. That word is very sacred. I can’t help myself. So there, I just gave him example, Ramar Krishnan.

Oh, Yogananda. He came over in 1920 with a turban on his head Hardly spoke English without a nothing. No money. Nothing. They sent him over to give a talk to represent India at the religious conference up in in Boston.

And he gave talks, and they went crazy. They loved him. And he ended up in Carnegie Hall. There’s pictures of him with a turbinized head the people standing in line wrapped three times around Carnegie Hall.

They couldn’t even get in. They filled Carnegie Hall. So if somebody went to him once, and said, Mister, you know, Yogananda, you must feel a lot of pride standing up there. There’s a picture of him.

He’s a tall, a short guy. That’s all. And there’s all these massive people sitting in the entire order to have a cardiac hall that, you know, don’t you feel pride that they’re proud that you’ve achieved this that you’re doing this.

You’re helping these people. And he said, no. I I I don’t feel that. He said, I will tell you what I do experience.

At the same time, that the lecture is taking place. My consciousness is there, and I’m aware that’s happening. But my consciousness is also on a higher plane working with the astral beings and the revolve in the next level.

And at the same time, my consciousness is expanding at the speed of light to the edge of the universe. I am the galaxy sees. My body is everything. All those are happening at the same time. That’s called expanded consciousness.

Guess what? You’re that. that that art, every single point of view. Alright. So what happened? So we built form pure light. Now you can understand why they can have those experiences because it’s all underneath.

It’s it’s nothing. It’s just all the manifestation of energy. What about consciousness? I’ll let the cat out of the bag from the beginning. That underlying they don’t know this. That’s okay.

They never know The Yogi’s due. They did 1000 years ago. They saw that field. They knew it was all made of energy. Einstein wasn’t the first one. Let’s say he was MC Squared. He formulated, but they said all matter is energy.

It’s nothing but frozen energy. That energy of those underlying fields is consciousness. Not is conscious. It’s consciousness. That’s what cautious this is. It is in the beginning, that’s what it was.

It didn’t get built out a form. Right? That’s hilarious. Form got built out of it. Underneath everything is god is consciousness. Is this one consciousness throughout the entire universe aware that it’s aware I am, that I am.

There’s so many secrets is ridiculous. There, that consciousness. When you concentrate consciousness, you’re consciousness. You get to know that consciousness.

Why? because you’re a conscious us. That’s how you have to understand. You don’t know because they taught you. You don’t know if you’re in the bible of the Gita. You are conscious. Are you not? Are you aware of your thoughts?

Are you aware of what you see through your eyes? Do you have emotions? How do you know? because you’re conscious. Consciousness when you concentrate When you focus your awareness on something, it’s a power.

You can feel the power. You have to say, I need to think about this. you’re asserting will. Do you have will? You do have will, don’t you? Can you decide to focus on something and not something else?

Can you willfully look at that picture and then that picture? Can you have this thought and then that thought? Can you try to not go with that thought and have to fight it, will, and try to put it somewhere else will?

You have will in there. You’re doing it all the time. Okay? What is will? Concentrated consciousness. Again, something they never teach you. They say you have free will. You have free will. What is will? Where did it come from? Wait.

Science said there’s 4 fundamental forces. electromagnetic force gravity, strong nuclear, weak nuclear. I don’t care if you know anything about it. They said there’s 4 forces. Okay? Which one of those forces just picked up the glass?

I understand the force that held my hand together. I understand the force that held the glass together, but I don’t see electromagnetism gravity or strong nuclear, weak nuclear, using the force to pick up the glass.

Do you intend to do it? Will did it? Didn’t it? Isn’t that funny they missed that one? That’s a pretty big one. to miss. Isn’t that? I swear you go talk to any crown of his. They’ll tell you there’s 4 fundamental forces.

They left out the biggest thing they could possibly be. the fact that you have volition. You can make things happen. Can’t you? Alright. So that force, if you meditate deep enough, you will realize that it’s empty.

It’s deep in there. It’s deep. It’s calm. It’s peaceful. It’s just total ecstasy. And when you come down, you are concentrating that consciousness on your mind out through your eyes, on your body.

Is distracting your consciousness down into form. That marriage of form and consciousness is the most beautiful Master wrote a song called Spirit and Nature dancing together.

Spirit and Nature dancing together. Consciousness and form dancing together. So if consciousness created everything and then looks down at it there, I don’t know whether you can get that, but that’s the highest it could possibly be.

Consciousness manifested the entire quantum field in all of form, and the same exact consciousness is looking into what was made. and you’re it. That’s how you can know these things.

They will not know consciousness with their machines. Although Einstein once said, The deeper I look down there, the more it seems like somebody’s looking back at me. Oh, I love that. And so, basically, consciousness created all things.

Is when you focus your consciousness, it has a power. Go do math in your head. You have to use will to hold it in your head. So, basically, you focus. That focus of consciousness, the concentration of consciousness is the force of will.

When consciousness, which is it’s almost like holding magnifying glass in front of the sun. What happens? It creates a power that can burn things, doesn’t it? The sun doesn’t do it. But if you concentrate it, it does.

When you concentrate your consciousness, it creates a power, and that is the power of will. So now you have consciousness playing with consciousness. consciousness playing with the manifestation of consciousness.

Oh my god. It’s beautiful. That’s why they say god is 1. It’s just one. Okay? And you have the ability of getting back there of being there. You are there. I’ve been teaching that lately.

It’s not you go back to god. You stop leaving. Your consciousness right now is the same as Christ. My father and I are 1. How can he say that? because he wasn’t focusing his consciousness on the individuality of his form.

Therefore, the consciousness returns to the seat of consciousness And let’s say a perfect master, perfect master. What that means? They’re fully enlightened. They’re merged into that state. Mayor Babu was there. There’s great avatar.

They asked him once. Mama, who are you? Because, I mean, there’s all this energy coming off this guy. I need to do all kinds of stuff. And he answered, and he said, I’m gonna cry. I don’t know if you guys can hear this.

Imagine there is such a state, and you went back there. And that’s who you are, is the whole, of which everything’s manifesting And he said, I was before all else was created, and I will be after all else falls away.

There was never a time it was not, and there will never be a time I am not. I am that I am. Okay? So are you? but you are that looking down at this.

But the main thing is, how big are you? And how little is this? That’s what I want from this. Just for a moment, how big are you, the whole universe? That was created everything that could possibly be. And what are you looking down at?

This little tiny, little bug that takes up the 9 square feet of space on a stupid planet, of which 1,300,000 fit inside one star And there’s 300,000,000,000 stars in your galaxy, and there’s 2 trillion galaxies.

And all you think about is that little bug all the time. That’s what your consciousness. Instead of your consciousness being where it is, it’s looking down to this.

That is what’s happening, and that’s what your ego is. your ego. Somebody wants to ask you, you’re gonna know what’s the ego. Here’s this in light and master. What’s the ego?

You guys are enlightened master. You know what he said? the masquerading self. You contemplate that? What do you understand? That which you present with will as you is a mask that you made, like psychology said. It’s your self-concept.

You had events, experiences. You held them together in your mind with your will. You made a you. This is who I am, Peter So and so. Really, what if you had a different name? I’m so and so’s husband. I like that best.

I’m so and so’s husband and so and so’s Really, what were you before you met? What were you being if you get divorced? Non existent? That’s not who you are. It’s what you think of yourself as which is what the self-concept is.

You had all these experiences, but instead of just I am the conscious that had these experiences. Good. That’s why you’re here. I am the conscious that had these experiences.

But, no, you take certain experiences, which ones? The ones that hurt and the ones that felt really good. let the rest go white lines on the road, cars on the road, trees you drive by, clouds in the sky.

Come on. How much do you like to go by? You lay 99. 9. 9% go by. But if it hits you as good, really strong, or bad, really strong. You don’t let it go. You hold on to it. With what, Will? Like, Freud talked about suppression.

I like Freud, by the way. A lot. talked about suppression. What is suppression? That something happened that came in from outside, and you couldn’t handle it so you pushed it away so you don’t have to deal with it?

That suppression, is it not? Who did that? He didn’t talk about that. He has a huge spread Who are you? Who’s in there doing this? That’s the realm of you.

You, the self, the Ottman, the soul, the consciousness that is in there doing that. So you do that. You hold certain things together in your mind, and then the consciousness gets so absorbed in them that it says, this is who I am.

Instead of I am god, a humble must be. I am Brahma. No. No. I am this stupid little thing that that she insulted yesterday, and I don’t know where, sir, again.

That’s who I am. Really? Are you sure that’s not something that’s happened to you that you don’t let go of? I know his parents got divorced, and I had a really hard time. When was that?

50 years ago? It’s something you built in your mind. It’s not who you are. So the consciousness, your beam array of consciousness, is focused so much on this thing you built, your body, your emotions, your mind, your ego, all of that.

It can’t get out. It can’t get off. Can it? It doesn’t even want to. It doesn’t even want to.

What does it wanna do? Get what it wants. Wow. So now not only is it tied and focused on your mind, your heart, your body, but you’ve noticed, because you’re not stupid, that if you look outside, which, of course, you do, Look outside.

There are things don’t raise your hand. Let me know if you agree. There are things that can happen outside that make you feel better inside.

There are things that happen outside to make you feel a really bad inside. Guess which ones you like, and that’s the story of your life. Because there are things that are outside, make you feel better inside, you want them.

Because there are things that are outside, make you feel worse inside. You don’t want them, and that’s your life Not only did you relegate yourself to this little thing. Oh my god. You’re everything.

Focusing on this tiny little thing, and now all your whole life is about. Is your life about getting back to you? No. Give me a break. They don’t even know about that. Christ tried to tell him. My father and I are one.

As I sit by the throne of my father, the state of consciousness, So you used to zip by my throne, and these things that I do should do these and even greater thing. Every single thing Christ taught was this state of consciousness.

So now you’re not only staring at this, but now you’ve devoted every moment of your life to try to get the out side world, which is the manifestation of the quantum field. Leave it alone. We just said where it came from.

So now you really care what it’s doing. Don’t you? Alright. They know where it comes from. No attention to natural laws. No attention to natural manifestations. All you care about is You know, like be like, k?

And then you go out there and use your will to try and manipulate and control every person place or thing that comes into your entire vicinity to be the way you need it to be that will match your ego.

Do you understand? I’m not yelling at you.

I am so. Now you see why I spent my time talking about where this came from out there. It’s pretty holy stuff. What? The fact that it exists It’s it’s unbelievable. Anything dark, light, ugly, smart, beautiful like, what is that?

It’s the manifestation of quantum field That’s all there is. And now the consciousness came down, stared at it, and got lost, and that is the fall from the garden. and just there’s no other way to explain it, and that is it.

What was the tree that you weren’t supposed to eat of? The tree of self knowledge What do you mean? I know myself now as not god as my individual self, the ego. That’s the birth of the ego. Alright? And once you did that, what happened?

You got thrown out of the garden and must work by the sweat of your brow. And if we know about working for the sweat of your brow, Not only do you work with a sweater brow, every life coach teach you to do it better.

How to manifest what you want. Go get what you want out of life. Wow. It’s wonderful. But the truth of the matter is who are you who’s doing this? and why do you need to do this? And how did you decide what you want anyways?

And then go down here and say, I’m gonna work with a sweater eyebrow to get what I want. the great one sister and says, oh, we’re sort of brown. I wanna go back to God. I wanna be who I am. Like, why am I not okay?

If you are the whole universe, drop down into this tiny little thing, I’m gonna lock you up into a square that’s so small. You gotta be squished into the trunk. How you doing? That’s what you just did with your consciousness.

You’re locking this tiny little thing, and it got so claustrophobic. You can’t even see straight, and it’s not okay, and there is a You hear me? You’re conditionally okay. If things happen outside, tiny little things.

I told you. Somebody says to you. You say to somebody. Oh my god. I love hearing somebody’s arms. I love you. I love you so much. I’ve never ever loved anybody as much as I love you. and they’re silence.

How are you doing? That’s not okay, is it? There’s a whole universe. Galaxy’s 300,000,000,000 stars, and this is what you’re down to. Okay? Or maybe he or she says, yeah, I love you too. Oh, no. They said I love you?

No. They didn’t say the right tone. That’s what you’re down to. o m g. It’s not easy, is it? That’s why you suffer. That’s why Buddha said all life is suffering because you got lost in here. But I want you to know who you are.

You are unbelievable. I just wanted you to get that. It’s not like I could be greater than I am. I could win. Oh, win. What? in your tiny world is so stupid, small. It’s ridiculous. Like, how much room do you take up?

How much room did your life take up? Well, people will sit there and say, well, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with my life. I know what you’re gonna do with your life. You’re gonna die. I promise you. I don’t know where I’ll end up.

I do. That is what you’re gonna do with your life. You’re going to die. So in between, you can either sit there and suffer and try to get things to make you feel better and build your every single thing you do is building your ego.

It’s sitting there saying, I matter I’m important. I am this little tiny thing that I want people to look at me with respect and smile and think I’m pretty or handsome.

If you like me, I wanna have a lot of likes on Facebook. whole lot of those things. Okay? Why? because it makes me feel better. Look how tiny you have defined your world.

That’s why I spent my time talking to him in the beginning. about your quantum physics. Why? because it’s you your body’s made of that, and you care about whether somebody thinks your nose is vice.

I’m not yelling at you. You can never know his job. You can never ever want. I don’t want you to give it up. I just want you to understand once in your life, understand You are so much bigger than that. You are so much bigger than that.

You are a very great being, but you’re looking down and out. Why? Because you are distracted by the thought you collected out of your good times and bad Yeah. I don’t know. I it’s so small. I can’t even talk about it.

How small did you make yourself? It’s pretty amazing. It’s amazing. the close second come of these analogies is, let’s say, you are out in nature, and all around you is beautiful nature. forest and grass and things nature.

But there’s a telescope in the middle of the field, and it has a 1 8th inch aperture. That’s what they have. Tiny little apertures. And you happen to see it because it’s one of the things in the field.

This is all in nature. And you go, oh, I wonder what that is. You go down and you look there. And what you see is so fascinating that you forget that you’re looking through the telescope.

You get sucked into what you’re looking at instead of the one who’s looking, so you will never see the reality of the beauty of nature of the whole field, you will see 1 8th inch little thing, and you’re striving to look through there.

And you’re hoping what you want to happen will happen out there on Mars or whoever you’re looking at.

Alright? You just get lost in what you’re looking through the picture. Do you understand that? That’s what you’re doing. That’s what you’re doing. You’re like, the sun how many rays are there from the sun shining down on the earth?

You can’t even count them. you are a ray of god consciousness, one with all of it focusing on that tiny picture that looks through your eyes, you will get to the point.

Not when we talk about it, or think about it, where you realize, oh my god. This thing’s small. That is pretty small. What I’m looking at and carry over thinks about it.

Did did I say something that hurt you? I’m so sorry. Oh, I didn’t mean to. Can what in the world? How many words are said everywhere at the same time that you said some stupid little thing?

How can you be so quiet in yourself? Don’t worry. Everybody else is. Alright? Except a great master, which is why the pictures hang on the wall. You are a great being You don’t have to worry about people think about you.

What a funny thing to do. You know what it means to care what people think about you? It means that just as you are staring at yourself, That little tiny thing you collected is some of your learned experiences.

That person over there is staring down through their self as of some of their own experiences, which have nothing to do with your experiences, and you care what you look like to them.

You lose because you have no idea what you look like to them, and anything you do is just gonna be what you would have done if you were them.

Because that’s all you know. All you know is going on in your mind. Oh, they probably like it better if I do this. I probably hate it. This is crazy. It’s in sanity that we were living. No wonder there are wars.

No wonder there’s so much crazy stuff going on. He just lost and there’s some of your learned experience and then trying to make everything outside be the way that makes you feel better and never be the way you don’t want it to be.

So you do this or you give a rewards and get married and you lie. every single thing that could ever possibly be, you know, the only human.

You are not only human. That’s the biggest lie that ever was told. You know, the divine being looking down at this thing Robert Christian used to call it it. I can’t focus on it. That’s what it was in it. They would hang below him.

If he wanted, we could look down there, but he didn’t have to. He was so high. There was once a Buddhist master, great, great non doula Buddhist master that visited the Ashram, before everybody realized the wrong Krishna was.

And and he looked at a guy and he said, you’re you’re really deep. Would you like to experience what’s called near Bicopa? Robert Christian was caught, and what’s called Sabikalpa.

All light has always always felt was light, manifestation of light everywhere. The mind mother, he called it. Alright? And this non doula is a really light mother. Let’s go to the unmanifest. Let’s go beyond all that.

And the monk took him down to a hut first time, sat him down and said, take your attention, your consciousness, improve the point between your eyebrows, one pointed focus of the point between your eyebrows, and don’t take it off, no matter what happens.

The true story So Robert Chris has sat down there.

He put his attention there, and he was a meditator, and he fell into his level of samadhi all the time. put it there, and all of a sudden, he imagine this this non dualist Buddhist sitting there.

Ramaco starts going, ma. Ma. It was floating into ecstasy. Right? And and the the tourist hit him in the head. What are you what are you doing? I said, mom came on the all the light.

I told you to put your attention on your eyebrows and not take it off. No. Don’t take it off. And he picked up a piece of glass in his corner of the hot you know, heard him, but he he twisted it in his forehead.

Pay attention to where that pain is. Right? And maybe after two or three times, Robert Chris sat there, and he went past. Nomah went past the light into the un manifest, right, and sat there for days.

And he would run down to the hut. That’s where he want he wouldn’t oh my god. He didn’t want anything to do with this world. He didn’t wanna stay in that state.

Right? Until he tells a story that at some point, He was told inwardly. And you’ll put a governor on your head until you die. You’re not going past this point. Otherwise, you would just go sit and Well, that’s really great Yogi’s did.

They went into the caves and sat. Well, what people said, why would a great Yogi go in the cave? Now do you understand? What? You know what they how they looked at you? Oh my god.

It’s a good thing the Buddhist said the high state was compassion. They didn’t look in judge. They’re so sorry for you. compassion. It doesn’t need to be late. You don’t need to be suffering. Believe me. You don’t need to be suffering.

It’s not even real. So, basically, now we have consciousness and energy. Don’t we? the manifestation comes up. Conscious looks down, and then it gets lost. It’s lost. And I I can’t help myself. the garden of the garden.

Like, the bible, the old testament. What would we read the old testament? In Genesis, when they fell from the garden, remember that story that god walked around the garden looking for Adam? Adam. Adam, where are you?

We’re 1. I mean, we’re all merged. I don’t understand. Where can you be? And he said, Adam said, I’m hiding. How do you hide from everything? How do you hide from God? And Adam stood up And god looked at him and he said, woah.

What’s that around your waist? A fig leaf. I put fig leaves on fig trees. What’s it doing around your waist? He said, I was naked. That is so potent to a yogi. That’s the birth of ego. My body isn’t even natural.

Every animal’s naked. All of a sudden, you develop self consciousness because you identified with your body. It was always naked. You just were merged in the universe looking down and enjoying the dance Creation.

Now I got a little too close. I ate it at Apple. I fell down into it and identified with it, and now it’s naked. And now I have to do everything it needs me to do.

The whole life is now out, out, instead of in. That’s why meditation has talked to you. That’s why the great teachers are taught to you. The answer is inside. Why? That’s where you live. That’s who you are.

The greatest thing I walked the face of the earth. So then you come down to because you understand now, we really built this model, don’t we? Your God consciousness manifests in creation, and looking down into it. Guess what?

That’s what’s supposed to happen. That’s not the fall for the garden. It’s like you go into a video game. You play the video game. Not I try. No. You’re supposed to try. You’re supposed to be in there. You’re supposed to try to win.

Aren’t you? You’re supposed to go to different levels. This is God’s idea of a video game. what god, the whole universe, all the galaxy. Remember how big it is? So this is how we’d make a game. Alright? And then he’s down here playing.

Except being caught. You thought you were the avatar inside the video game. Oh my god. You’re shooting at me. That’s a better analogy than look through the telescope. you look down into that virtual reality.

Oh my god. You’re gone. So, basically, it is meant to be a dance. It is meant to be a game Here’s men for you to do the best that you can. Each one of you are a manifestation of the divine creation playing in its own creation.

That’s what it’s supposed to be. You’re supposed to try to win the game. You’re supposed to do as best you can, but not because you’re caught inside yourself and you’re doing it for this little twipper little thing.

Do you understand the difference? The Gita says they’re trapped in the Gita called be the best wherever you are, but don’t identify with it. Don’t do it for any particular reason.

Just sits the fun of creation. So the way I look at it, and I go, stop. You wanna talk about devotion? Here’s devotion. You are god’s emissary. experiencing the part of creation that you’re experiencing.

Nobody else has seen what you’re seeing. Nobody else has experienced what you’ve experienced. Nobody else will ever experience what you’re seeing through your eyes. Right now, you’re all gonna be at a different angle, aren’t you?

No one will ever see the same thing ever again. It will never exist again. So you have this unique job of bringing back to the divine consciousness, the creation that’s in front of you.

Be here now. Alright. We took a big journey tonight. I would love it just once in a while. during the day, you stop and remember what’s going on.

I understand we’re not out yet. I understand it’s gonna pull you back in but you just stop. I do it all the time. Alright? Just ever see the sun during the day or feel the heat or something?

Stop. Look up and realize you are spinning around one star and 1,300,000 Earths fin inside that star. And you’re this dinky do you think there’s this dinky little thing on one spot on that earth?

And there’s 300,000,000,000 300,000,000,000 of those in your galaxy, and there’s 2,000,000,000,000 galaxies, and then check out what you’re worrying about.

Check out what you want. Free yourself. Free yourself. Little by the or not pronounce. It’s not about that. Free yourself. Gave yourself the breath to realize what’s really going on, and you will, over time, find yourself sitting.

And that’s state. And then you can go even beyond. There’s no end to how high you can get. So when Yogananda said, I felt my entire body expanding at the speed of light to the edge of the universe.

That’s nowhere. That that’s still Savi Cal. That’s still in manifestation. The great ones went past that. I’m sure he did too. Okay? That’s just still form, isn’t it?

It’s just your consciousness liberated from your little body to where it can experience all a form You stop looking through the 8th inch aperture and you see the whole field there. That’s what that is. There’s another state beyond that.

The oneness. I’m gonna try to say my father and I are 1. My father and I are 1. That’s what he meant. He’s merged. You know what else he said? the kingdom is within you. What do you mean the kingdom is within you.

You in there. You in there? Hi. The kingdom is within you. That’s where it is. You don’t find god out here, not in the Sistine Chapel, not in the church, not in the synagogue inside you, Baba Buchtinena, meditate on the cell.

It was concentrate on where consciousness is coming from. Concentrate on the source of consciousness not the object of consciousness. Meditate in a self, honor and worship your own being. For god dwells within you as you. Checkative.

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