The flow of life
as seen at Laxmanhula,

Hours have been spent observing this iconic bridge in the holy town of Rishikesh which is the “Yoga Capital” for the world.
While I haven’t enrolled for any of the thousands of yoga courses available here, I have my own yoga practice of looking at the bridge and the river that flows by.

People come and go and the bridge is always seemingly active. For me it is always analogous to the thoughts and feelings that keep coming on the canvas of consciousness.

Travellers, monks, monkeys, cows, dogs, the bridge sees them all. But it itself remains constant. The bridge doesn’t start moving with any of those.

The bridge, just is.

It is a wonderful exercise in observing the flow of one’s own thoughts and emotions continuously in a flux but what really remains constant? What is the bridge that’s actually allowing the appearance of these traveling feelings?

That has been my personal yoga practice and inquiry since I moved here and while I would never be formally certified for this practice, it’s worth every second!

Priyam Saini

By Priyam Saini

Painter, Art Lover, Human Being...
I am a visual artist exploring mediums and states of consciousness.
I live and work in Rishikesh, India.


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