Letting Go – Alan Watts

Letting Go – Alan Watts

“FAITH is when you let go, not when you hold on to”

This quote stood out for me:

“The method of buddhism is called the dharma. It doesn’t mean the law; it means the method. The method is to knock the stuffing out of you, to take away everything to which you cling, to cleanse you completely of all beliefs, all ideas, all concepts of what life is about so that you are completely let go…
…when you find that you’re living in the midst of the universe of relativity, well there’s nothing you could hold on to. You’ve got to learn how to swim and to swim you’ve got to relax and stop grabbing. So, this is what buddhism does when it says it’s the art of letting go, of non-attachment”.


Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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