Live Your Life

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Sylvia Arkilanian

Live your life in harmony with each other’s minds, live your life, peacefully.

A space free of judgments, allows all things to be!

Hopefully, this kind of energy coming through will allow all participants at,

to be self-sufficient;
to be part of the process;
to be themselves;
and mostly, to be infinitely connected to their higher power, their Source, their heart.

All I can do is help and encourage, letting them achieve their own greatness!

How will this unfurl? Often, by being an astute observer staying in the background creating such an environment to be.

Sylvia Arkilanian

Sylvia Arkilanian

By Sylvia Arkilanian

Life as Art, Art as Life


    1. It’s part of getting to know myself and be there at every encounter with this awareness.
      Like constellations in the sky, we are all connected bringing forth our shining lights.
      Thank you for being there too, Walter.

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