There Are Not Two Things

Snakes at Garland Park, 09/17/2010.

We experience only one thing.
There is only ever one experience present at any time.
This alone is an invitation to see that Consciousness and Reality are one.
However, we misinterpret the nature of this experience.
Suffering is another name for this misinterpretation.

Rupert Spira
The Transparency of Things:
Contemplating the Nature of Experience

Simply do this: Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is; all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself. ²Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed. ³Hold onto nothing. ⁴Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything. ⁵Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.

ACIM, Lesson 189
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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