Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, goodnight, good day…

This past year has brought the world to my computer screen. This understanding knows no borders or time zones!

There is a challenge in keeping everyone’s time zones in mind and therefore I propose a universal greeting: goodnow!

I may not be the first to coin this however I feel it quite apt considering the nature of our discussions and that there is only ever NOW, this eternal moment.

When I conceived of this it was now. When I wrote it, it was now. As you read this, it is now. 😀

Have a wonderful now and I’ll talk you everyone…. Now!

Goodnow! 😀

Walter Cecchini

By Walter Cecchini

I am currently serving as a Police Officer (COP - Consciously on Patrol). This non-dual understanding allows me to operate "undercover"... Love disguised as Authority! Check out my non-dual poetry at Peace!

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