He is now as He has always been.

On Mon, Nov 1, 2021 at 11:50, Libby wrote:

Good Now Dear Holger : )

This morning, remembered something I read a few nights ago in ‘Know Yourself – An explanation of the oneness of being’ by Ibn ‘ Arabi / Balyani.

“He was described as every day in a different configuration”

Because of the time and culture ‘He’ is used a lot.

It seems an over personification of the Absolute.

I enjoy switching ‘He’ and ‘Him’ out to Being, or Awareness, or Reality, or It, or The One.

There is no difference in His oneness
between the new and the eternal:
the new requires His manifestation and
the eternal requires His remaining hidden.
His exterior is identical to His interior and
His interior is identical to His exterior;
His first is the same as His last and His last
is the same as His first and all is one and the one is all.
He was described as every day in a different configuration
when there was no ‘thing’ other than Him.
And He is now as He has always been,
since in reality what is other than Him has no being.


Holger Hubbs

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