Breathing Love Itself (Francis)

15 Minute Guided Yoga Meditation.


make sure you are comfortable

close your eyes

welcome the thoughts

the sensations

the perceptions

whatever appears

in your awareness

feel the contact area between your body and the chair of the floor

and let the chair, the floor take care of the weight of your body

completely trust

the chair and the floor as if they were friendly

so that you can completely release the weight onto this support

you see that to be observed as you do that that there were subconscious remaining tensions there

as if you wouldn’t completely trust the world and the objects in it that surround you

some residual sense of separation and fear

so feel that the objects around you are their friends not your friends not your enemies they are your family your close family

and see what happens when you this when you do this that the sense of separation the sense that the chair or the floor is not you disappears

that you it is

replaced by the sensation of continuity

as if the chair or the floor will permeate your body

and your body expands into the floor onto the chair

you can do the same also with the contact area of your arms or hands with your whatever they are resting upon

with your thighs or your arm chair

that you trust this contact area there and that you allow for the weight of the hands forearms arms and even shoulders to be completely released onto this support

this friendly support

now pay attention to your breathing process without changing it

there is no intention to change anything about it

feel the air that comes in and goes out

and now instead of this air that comes in and goes out being some kind of inert mineral object made of oxygen and a few other gases

feel it as being alive and friendly learning

so you said you are completely open to the air you breathe because it’s your strength and it is like breathing love itself

and not only taking it in into your lungs but then

opening your body inside so that it can completely permeate your body and

from your chest then pervade the totality of the self

so you invite the air into the totality of your body

including the souls of your feet your your toes your fingers so you your breathing is really deep

in that sense that you breathe into your legs your arms your hands so that there is no separation really between the air that surrounds you in the air which is in your body

as if your body was made of air and even ultimately as if you are not no longer breathing just through your nose but breathing through your skin all over

and as if your skin instead of being a barrier that separates your body from its surroundings is rather a bridge or the porous medium that allows for this mutual interpenetration between the body and its surroundings the space that surrounds it

so that you feel that instead of being your body being a close container if you will

to be more like a statue made of salt that has been immersed in the ocean and becomes the ocean

and now don’t try to do anything don’t let go of even these images and analogies metaphors suggestions

just be one with the moment and see that in the moment itself there is a complete continuity between your body and the world and also between your body as an experience and your thoughts

that your body your mind and the world are not three separate objects

an experience but that as an experience they are intertwined and indissociable

is only an operation of thought that separates them and distinguishes

but in our direct experience without reference to the known to the past to concepts they are one one singular reality.

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