I found our small meeting very insightful.

Plato or play-dough? Tessa and Beth 02-21-2015

01-11-2022, great date, very symmetric… isn’t it (-;

“Learning by doing.”
The following is a reply to a great email from Bill;
due to ideas of privacy I share only ‘my’ part:

Thank you Bill,

“In the beginning” I observed in myself that when I ‘came back’ to my ‘normal/old’ place that there were doubts and shame about things I said or felt. 

It seems that “me” is like a most sophisticated software program that runs below the level of conscious thinking and somehow is very clever in pretending a reality of separation.

At the GardenOfFriends.com we come together not for some little friendship, but to know the truth, to demystify our seeming suffering, to embrace our birthright of love, clarity, heartfelt abun-dance.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud.
“Truth lover”… seeing that impersonal is the most intimate, unburdened by ‘me’.

Bill, we all sit in the same boat, hypnotized by mental images; your contributions are great; there is no agenda but to celebrate, to be practical and to share. Thank you!

I just selfishly assume that everyone wants to be free of suffering, simply by understanding our faulty thinking and muscle-memory.
Yes, let’s have small Zooms, if it works out.

Bill, I’d love to be able to copy/paste some things you say/write onto NondualSharing.com. Do I have your permission, your trust? It’s no problem if there is hesitation on your side, no need to force anything.

You say in your email:
“I immediately knew I was beyond the body/mind.”

In understanding I am aware of body-mind-world.
In love…

We become more clear about our natural state, our true nature; effortlessly.

All states come and go, don’t bother; “I am” aware of states, the screen of consciousness, the peace that passeth understanding.

You cannot prevent waking up, you can only seemingly delay it.

Enjoy playing tennis, do the dishes, file your taxes, and more and more embrace your love for truth. This world cannot give you more than you are as “I am”.

Life is not a problem, but a mystery.

The “o” from “my story” gets upgraded to an “e”.

Mystery… not a problem!

Love and do what you will.

Nothing to fear, nothing real can be broken.

Like learning how to ride the bike… “theoretically it is simple” but then for the nervous system it requires some adjusting… we fall, we get up, fall, get up again… it’s organic… at the end it is all worth it.

In martial arts there is a saying:

“a tight muscle is a slow muscle!”

… because the tight muscle (the assumed “me”) needs to first relax before it can be freely used.

Who am I, what am I?
I simply am, here and now, without story.

Mind, your own business

Mind is an amazing tool to do stuff, but don’t try to find yourself in mind.

You are safe, you wouldn’t breath if Life wouldn’t love you.

Gratitude to all, to Life,

PS: Too many words distract, but somehow I came across this quote and it relates to ‘my own’ past:

Despair is the absolute extreme of self-love. It is reached when a person deliberately turns his back on all help from anyone else in order to taste the rotten luxury of knowing himself to be lost.

Thomas Merton

I might have gotten this quote from Lisa?

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