“All Healing is Self Healing”

All Healing is Self Healing. But “I” Can Help!
By Matt Sena >>> Matt’s Healing Youtube

I promise “All Healing is Self Healing. But I can Help” was my most condensed and pithy heartfelt statement on the matter. Since all elaboration simply requires more explanation to reach back towards the Absolute.

I’d rather offer my perspective and tools once cleanly, and not bother anyone about it further. Because you are right, all helping is for an illusion and is based in hubris regarding what is “right” for that illusion. I offer my tools, and especially my perspective on the “virus,” out of compassion and that is all. To push anything on anyone would be violating that condition. I struggle with this within my family.

I’d like to point out that the ego thrives on a low life force energy environment.

Dear Matt, I posted your words, and I borrowed an image on YT I liked…

But I am struggling for some words right now. I myself am learning about this website, and how to keep it one-pointed. I feel challenged with your article; I welcome it as an opportunity to invite more clarity.

Matt, I respect you as a very intelligent human being, I see your good intentions in regard to “healing”. I once worked as a Certified Massage Therapist, which helps me to relate to your viewpoint; I can resonate with the pain, overwhelm and hopelessness of the person.

Please don’t misunderstand my words, but I would like to add a disclaimer that I do not necessarily endorse your article.

Not as a judgment, but more as a concession for myself, to allow open space for “I don’t know”.

For me the most important tool is self-inquiry, to discern on whose behalf thoughts, feelings and actions arise. It is not easy to demystify the me-chanism of our thinking mind.

Thank you Matt,

We can see this being born out in a culture which poisons the life force energy out of people. Which to me, is a glaring fact (but I can back it up with abstracts). This physically toxic culture, I think it’s fair to point out, readily reinforces the illusion of the separate self. And I believe it does this by restricting this life force energy in people, along with simple incorrect indoctrination into scientific materialism. But I’d like to point out that the separate self, by and large, is in fact a feeling! as opposed to a purely languaged idea! One could say it’s an “embedded” idea.

To me, another name for Life Force Energy is Shakti. I recognize that Shakti and Shiva (pure consciousness) are ultimately one, and therefore there is no path to her highest form.

However I feel that someone *Who is Called* (an extremely key concept) to energy cultivation and a Satvic lifestyle, deserve to be alerted to tools such as these. These body-based tools dramatically improve the mind’s ability to ask itself the core question “who am I,” or to simply look.
It does this simply by allowing energy to flow within the apparent mind-body where once it was restricted. All happening within the dream, no doubt. But so is non-dual contemplation…
My work is my take on balancing the doshas and performing austerities, traditional yogic practices. However my tools offer this in a simplified and heavily expedited way through modern technology which require no practice and therefore significantly less mind real estate! I declare I have found tools more suitable for the direct path than traditional austerities!
Ramana Maharshi made only one suggestion besides Self Inquiry, and this was a Satvic Diet. I wish to offer similarly passive and pithy tools on the relative body-level.

—-Forgive my prior brevity. I do wish to simply drop this resource and jettison back up to the truth. Now after saying my piece without your incisive and lovely questions… I will answer your questions directly.—-

Q: For whom are the tools?
Are they a concession for the separate-self; does God need a helper?

A: They are a concession to the separate self. God does not need a helper. My only foot in that absolute door may be that I don’t feel like a seperate self when I use and offer these toold. This I can only promise, and should question very carefully.

Q: How clear is your understanding about suffering and the sufferer?
Why all this spirituality?

A: I am unclear about the nature of suffering and the sufferer on an experiential level. But I believe my theory is rather solid. So I investigate it with full vigor and on *all* levels.I have learned much (which I simply cannot put into words besides… “Here! Try This!….”) about the suffering and sufferer through exploring my apparently separate self on the level of my body. I do think the separate self is primarily a feeling as opposed to a strictly languaged belief. And therefore we may find it surprisingly intertwined with our apparent body….Thich Nhat Hanh likes to point out…. the body and the mind are one.

Q: Just pain-killers for the confused mind? What is available?

A: My answer to this is: no.
Here with this unit, the primary practice is self inquiry. But the secondary practice is attainment of a Sattvic dream bus (mind-body).In the modern poisoned landscape, there are massive gains to be had in the Sattvic department. Easily, Quickly, without giving the separate self time or room to “own” it.

I must say that when the magnitude of poisoning in this world is felt, it is impossible not to have one’s heart broken by it. I believe this heartbreak is extremely therapeutic. It was for me.

In this way. these tools in fact are the opposite of pain killers! It is a thomasic pain killer NOT to awaken one’s body to the surrounding horrors via physical detoxification on all levels!!! This point cant be overemphasized! I declare it the core of egoic resistance to my suggestions! (This is my aggressive part of my explanation)

Now out of respect I need to return to the concept of “The Call.”
For those who are “called” to discover this, it goes far beyond a thrill, and serves to deeply clear the mind-body of recursive suffering.

Q: Why is it so difficult to see the elephant in the room?
What does it do to see and befriend the elephant?

A: With me, there is an abundance of joy with which I share my work and information regarding physical healing. This abundance of joy comes from that Elephant. The best I can explain that is… I only gained the strength to heal the dream since I became connected with my dreamer. It is by faith that this grace to do something safe and effective for myself and others has come into my life. The notion that medicinal practice cannot possibly be in line with truth is simply a hangover from the past couple thousand years I believe.
Addendum:I wish to help great Yogis achieve ever greater Shakti out of a belief that this action would dramatically improve the planetary consciousness the most efficiently. It is unclear to me if this is a belief born of suffering or of great joy. I truly believe it to be joy. At the least, the energy to contemplate on and write all this was certainly born in great silence.


Thank you for your help in creating this contemplative exercise for me to properly channel great energy I feel surrounding this subject. May God’s will be done.

LoveLove, Matt S.


All Healing is Self Healing. But “I” Can Help!
By Matt Sena >>> Matt’s Healing Youtube

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