finite mind & ego

finite mind = thoughts and perceptions

ego = believe that I am those thoughts and perceptions

Alan Watts: The ego is a spasm of fear.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. The Ego is a pain in my mind, Rupert likes cookies, Alan is amazing.
    If i love ‘my’ ego to death will it go away?

    1. Someone said:
      “Suffering is the belief that something should be different.”

      Ego is not the problem; identifying with it can relax.
      Mooji asks: how to heal a ghost from anorexia?

      Sorry for the blah blah, I appreciate your comment.

      “I don’t know” is an openness, a space to relax attention back into its source.

      Inquiry is amazing – simple looking: like Magdi says… “what do I assume myself to be”?

      Throwing quotations/concepts at each other is often foolish.

      Thinking allowed, thinking aloud:
      Am I Consciousness or a person?
      What is identity?
      What do I really want?

      Larry, assuming you are not an ai spam bot, join us at the … being together live can add another dimension (all words as concessions).

  2. Garden of Friends, what a great name!
    I’m not a ‘bot’…:-) and i liked your comments and questions.
    My frustration must be showing:-)
    Once, a long time ago i read a small book by J. Krishnamurti (forget the name of it), always remember this statement: ‘you don’t have a problem, you are the problem’…
    I also like other ‘dimensions’, so i’ll check out you website soon, thanks for your response, it was a surprise…:-))

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