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Thank you Judy,

I just sat with Rupert’s book [Being Myself] on the couch and read page one slowly, several times.

I looked at it and wondered how I can put in my own words what I just read.

(There is a methodology called Zettelkasten [the german word for slip-box] to make notes, to store and process information; instead to passively highlight sentences in a book it invites to reflect and use your own words.) 

Thank you Judy for our time yesterday looking at MeOrIam.com.

It is precious to speak with a human being in the same interest.

I’d like to rewrite this little website, to make it very simple and clear; so far all of my websites are just drafts, stepping stones, invitations for a deepening of understanding.

What do I really know and understand, and what is pretense?

Rupert’s little book is quite amazing.

Thank you Judy for your openness and availability.

It is good to be stirred up a little and to look at my own mental confetti.
Isn’t this what makes us human?
Speaking, listening with “other” in an atmosphere of openness, warmth, sharing…

This morning I thought about Tessa, and how I want to see some more structure in regard to her education; we do “homeschooling”… and on some level she is doing great in her own way.

We can look at life through different lenses, but which one is the real one? 

Thank you Judy, I have no personal interest in “you” (I trust you don’t misunderstand my words), I am only interested in God’s will.
God’s will being love, intelligence, beauty, abundance… celebrating life as Judy and Holger and everyone.

Francis shared three legitimate reasons to use the mind:
being practical, celebrating life, sharing.

Life as art.

My “me” could be called quite a mess from the old perspective of a separate-self; mostly resistance and fear of pain… deep confusion in regard to “being myself”; easily impressed and intimidated by “others” and my own thoughts and feelings.

Roger Castillo sometimes asks “who cares?”
Not in a dismissive way, but as an invitation to inquire and to see what is this “I”…

Am I the person I think and believe myself to be, or am I an instrument and openness for Life to flow into this world?


About the “Zettelkasten” (slip-box) methodology:

“One researcher famous for his extensive use of the method was the sociologist Niklas Luhmann (1927–1998). Luhmann built up a zettelkasten of some 90,000 index cards for his research, and credited it for enabling his extraordinarily prolific writing (including over 70 books and 400 scholarly articles).[14] He linked the cards together by assigning each a unique index number based on a branching hierarchy.[15] These index cards were digitized and made available online in 2019.[16] Luhmann described the zettelkasten as part of his research into systems theory in the essay ‘Kommunikation mit Zettelkästen'”.[17]


Holger Hubbs

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