How Do I Stay Courageous…

How Do I Stay Courageous While Facing Death? Ukraine War

“A woman from Kyiv, Ukraine, is possibly facing death and asks how she can stay courageous during this time. Rupert responds that the source of all courage is the recognition of the ever-present nature of being. See that behind whatever fear arises lies ever-present being, not your ever-present being, God’s being, the only being there is. That one, or awareness itself, is ultimately deathless.

Therefore, what we essentially are transcends the limits of a person, and real courage comes from that recognition, even though it may not be formulated in that way. For example, people in war may act in a way that is consistent with this recognition by transcending themselves and their own personal needs and acting for a cause greater than themselves, such as freedom.

When we are in the face of death and all other challenges, remain in touch with ever-present being, the being we all share, that lies in the back ground of our experience.”

This clip is taken from one of Rupert’s weekly webinars on February 27, 2022.

What is going on in KYIV, UKRAINE – Civilian’s perspective

“What my family and I have personally experienced since Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February 2022.”

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  1. I just wept when I watched this. For me, she IS the courage she’s looking for: if only I could be so courageous as to care about the gift of Awareness while in the center of that kind of danger and trauma.

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