The Whole Internal and External World

Hi, friends,

Knocking at my own door, and the doors of your hearts, what comes, is resting in the resolve of everlasting-ness.

We are all individuals yet nor are we, otherwise. We may or may not identify ourselves in someone else, yet feel complete and at peace with the unity of what is happening. What is not, is the same as what is, only if our beingness lives in the natural unfolding of our expressions, in the harmony field.

Nothing more to explain than saying, being in the unified field, doing and feeling exactly what speaks to our hearts is the result of our own well-being.

And then, can we be able to express love without even knowing someone or without being in agreement? Love is not something we learn like an action that needs to happen. It comes and is there before any planning, any lesson to be learned, any effort to be made. When we love, we don’t even know, it just happens, just like a transformation happens with less intrusion and more expansion. It’s a natural way of being for the one waking up from the dream within the dream.

Once we solve the mystery of who we think we are, of what the world is like, then we can meet and be in the balance within the totality of our differences, and touch that place of love in an impersonal way.

And this is the beauty of illuminating our presence to each other.

Walter Cecchini, a dear friend, shares his love in his newly published poetry book (much recommended) titled, Take Heart, Seeker. Here is one of them:

Passing Through

An open door,

a bright kitchen,

soothing music.

Two teacups,

a new toothbrush,

fresh towels.

A box of tissues,

a soft blanket,

a comforting nightlight.

There are always

clean sheets on the bed

in the guest room of my heart.

See you soon,
With warm wishes,

xo, Sylvia

Sylvia Arkilanian

By Sylvia Arkilanian

Life as Art, Art as Life


    1. Problems can be solved, but mysteries need to be lived (-;

      “No one can serve two masters” …

      The Bill you think you are is a thought construct and can be gently disregarded.

      What is left, besides temporary thoughts and perceptions?

      “I don’t know” is the Presence of the LORD.

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