Rise Up To The Highest Within Us — A Message For Peace

Video Description:

In light of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, Moojibaba offers this powerful guidance, prayer and blessing for all people of the world, to turn our attention inward and not allow fear or hatred to take root inside us.

“Even during the most turbulent and darkest of times throughout all of human history there have been those who were at peace and in a deep state of centeredness, trusting in life and in God.

This is a most auspicious state of being and it is possible to discover this inside yourself. There is no higher place to be than this. So have faith knowing that the grace of God is on your side and is supporting us all.”

In this talk, Mooji refers to ‘An Invitation to Freedom’, which you can watch here.

5 March 2022
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Holger Hubbs

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