a thousand pounds of weight

What is the Purpose of Life if I am ‘That’?
Swami Sarvapriyananda
“Seeing Without Eyes, Knowing Without Mind”
Mooji, Guided Meditation

“I promise you that the discovery of your True Self will feel like a thousand pounds of weight have fallen from your back.
You will no longer have to build, protect, or promote any idealized self image.

Living in the True Self is quite simply a much happier existence, even though we never live there a full twenty-four hours a day.
But you henceforth have it as a place to always go back to.
You have finally discovered the alternative to your False Self.

You are like Jacob awakening from sleep and joining the chorus of mystics in every age.

“You were here all along, and I never knew it!” he says (Genesis 28:16).
He anoints the stone pillow where this happened and names it Bethel, or “the house of God and gate of heaven” (28:17–18).4

Jacob then carries the presence with him wherever he goes. What was first only there is soon everywhere. The gate of heaven is first of all in one concrete place, better if carried with you, and best when found everywhere.

That is the progression of the spiritual life.” 

Richard Rohr

Shri Krishnas’ reply on Mind Control
Swami Sarvapriyananda
Rowan Atkinson & Hugh Laurie
Shakespeare and Hamlet (1989)
Feynman :: Rules of Chess
Holger Hubbs

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  1. I don’t relate much to Christianity or the Bible, since I was not raised as a Christian. I do appreciate that, like other religions, the nondual Truth can be found in Christianity, as was firmly held by Swami Vivekananda at the end of the nineteenth century, and by the Ramakrishna Order ever since. I do agree that the truth of reality is universal.

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