Flat or Round, Who Cares?

Every day some new insights, some dropping away of old weight…

A friend said today that he gets triggered when another friend speaks about his theory/belief that the earth is flat.

Being triggered means that there is an investment?

An investment in ideas how life ‘works’… and ‘me’ knows it!

As a separate-self, as a single person amongst 7,933,087,203 “others” our beliefs, our theories seem to be very important to claim identity, some seeming peace, orientation, power, pride, prestige, credibility in the world of ideas.

I must admit that the idea of the earth being flat feels strange to me as well, but what a gift to examine my own discomfort and to see that there is nothing behind it.

Beliefs don’t change reality, but beliefs can veil reality, can change how we perceive reality.

There is a subtle difference between believing that I am a body-mind in a world, and experiencing that I am aware of body-mind-world.

In this particular case my experiences in daily living remain the same no matter if I entertain the idea that the earth is flat or round (sphere).

The mental images we entertain about life and everything remain to be models, ideas, abstractions that make sense, more or less, in the mental realm.

All we know “about” life is mind content; does it make us happy?

“The only truth in the manifestation is the impersonal sense I am; the rest are concepts.”

This is really a good quote to sit with, to incubate!

Life is so amazingly beautiful when the me-chanism of personal investment is seen and relaxed.

What is really at stake?
What do I really want?

Somehow the round-earth friend never replied to me when I asked him (some weeks back) to what degree science took over the role of religion, in providing comfort and hope, behind a mask of pseudo certainty.

Science worshipping “making sense”.
Mental images are idols, abstractions of reality.

Not to dismiss “making sense”, but to see its limitation when it comes to know ourself as I am.

We cannot become what we essentially are through any kind of practice.
Through practice we can only become something that is not essential to us.

— Rupert Spira

CG short film on God testing a software |
“Tales from the Multiverse” – by Tumblehead
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. “I must admit that the idea of the earth being flat feels strange to me as well…”

    This is an important admission, and largely nullifies or contradicts the pontificating and dogma-spouting going on here. Our story of suffering is not the only “blah blah blah” that we indulge in. Preaching nonduality can also serve the separate and illusory self, who wants to be unique and to teach others, as demonstrated so well here. In Christianity, there is an aphorism which comes from Shakespeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’:
    “The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
    An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek,
    A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
    O, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!”

    Nonduality does not say that the relative world, being an illusion, does not matter, that facts or science or reason do not matter! Swami Sarvapriyananda, an expert in nonduality, has taught that the apparent mind, body, and world are real within themselves. What does he mean by this? He explains that dreams are distorted reflections of waking-state experiences, and therefore that dreams are not real (even though they have a feel of reality to them), but perceptions and experiences in the relative world (the waking state in ignorance of our true nature) are real, meaning that they reflect the “actual outside world” of the individual. In other words, there is nothing less “real” about our everyday experiences, even though they are appearances within a single, unbounded Awareness, and even though our mind interprets them according to its conditioning.

    1. Dear David, you are a master with words.
      Are you addressing an assumed outer or are you exposing your own faulty thinking (which we all have)?

      What do you really want?

      Who cares about right or wrong, absolute or relative, but “me”?
      What is the color/atmosphere of your comment and how does it strengthen or clarify your “me”?

      Yes, Mr. Mind can highjack any moment, so it seems.
      Always busy to justify the sense of separation,
      to avoid the pain of its seeming dissolution.

      Why does Mooji say “die before you die”?


  2. The ‘me’ is made out of beliefs. to only that the earth is flat, or that there are superior races or better gods… there is lurking in the background the primordial belief, the core belief, which is that I/consciousness is personal, limited and dependent on the body mind.
    The sense of separation and isolation is rooted in this primordial belief. Until this belief is fully investigated, the wheel of Samsara spins eon upon eon, without relief.

  3. ramram
    everything relates to nonduality
    the lie of the separate self is insulated by deep relative-reality lies which cause cognitive and experiential dissonance (globe earth)… also protracted and unnatural illness and cognitive decline (the rapid poisoning of our medicines, food, skies, water, and earth…) All of which can be rapidly and wonderfully mitigated against if we wake up to these issues.

    This refusal to investigate lies other than the separate self is useful politically, but not personally… in my experience.

    But fundamentally, I want truth on all levels.
    Why close my mind? Why limit infinity?
    As above, so below. Why not investigate below? It’s not a left hand path, it’s basic tantra.

    There is no harm in research, if the truth is what one’s after.
    There is (albeit illusory) harm in refusal to look.

    I recommend Eric Dubay’s videos and books. Banned on youtube so shunted to the far right website Bitchute, for the most part, unfortunately….

    Maybe David could recommend a book or videos on the Globe earth to me since he’s so certain? Cited books are 2nd best evidence, and direct experience is the best.

    If you feel victimized by an malicious actor David, may I remind you…
    1. I’m truly certain of this (in relative reality)
    2. You put that CGI Zoom approved Globe picture up with a wide grin on your face. I put my picture up in response… without such a grin.
    3. You are always the first to throw insults.

    In other words… you started it.


    1. Life as art…

      I assume here that our love for truth is greater than the itch to defend our assumed “me”.

      Understanding suffering is so crucial…
      One half: guilt, blame and pride.
      Other half: expectations and attachment to outcomes, worry and anxiety.

      The root of suffering is the impression that “me” is a personal doer, who can be diminished or improved by circumstances.

      Suffering is attitudinal and can completely drop away.

      Thank you friends for your openness and love for life and each other; we have the opportunity to stop the cruel kindergarten of separation in ourself (where else).

      “All things by a law divine in one another’s being mingle.”

  4. yes my love for truth is greater than my me.

    that’s why i bring up truth that hurts and want a civil discussion about it and possibly some exchange of evidence like we do with awareness….

    For god’s sake my dad is the lead engineer of GPS III. Finding this out has been huge for my understanding of physics and metaphysics and it has come at a great price to the “me” conditioned by my family.

    I was not the first to throw insults, I must repeat.

    1. I am sorry Matt for the pain; it is not desirable.

      Maybe again another opportunity to investigate into the nature of reality and the assumed “me” that takes things personally.

      Like Alan so often says: “yes, please”…

        1. Effortless practice.

          No goal, no aim
          for just this moment…
          No need to rush.

          To trust again our biological intelligence; to listen.
          Life loves us and guides us in ways we cannot figure out.

          Easy, naturally, effortlessly.
          Thank you!

  5. What is it worth to us to say, “You started it,” and “I know you are, but what am I?” and even,”I’m dry rubber, you’re wet glue. Whatever you say to me bounces right back and sticks to you.” Who are we? Where are we? In the blessed infinite Consciousness, our dance is much more lovely than this. Let us dance, dance and dance some more in the Love of all the gods and goddesses, and the greater Love than all of them put together.

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