Bridging a Gap

Knowing that I always know, whether I am aware of it or not, does not pose a problem for me as a bodymindworld. But I’ve always tripped when I’ve sought to assert that same assuredness prior to appearing in the world (or the world in me), or how I could solidly assert the same, post this state. Then an answer, may be The Answer, popped up unbidden.

My finite mind, can only know objective reality, so I can be aware of this experience. The finite cannot know the infinite and the infinite as the infinite can only know itself. So I now know I can say I know Nothing of my being prior to finding myself reduced and contained as now, as there was No Thing to be known, and I Know this, and for me this is enough to bridge the perceived gap and perfect the eternal and infinite continuum prior, during, and post this spell on earth.


Kevin Harlow

By Kevin Harlow



  1. Kevin, I don’t really understand this. “prior to appearing in the world” means before you were born, or it can mean while you are asleep. Which did you mean? Even when I make an assumption as to which you mean, the rest of your comment gets me lost again.

  2. I’ve tried reading it again and still don’t understand it, especially the second paragraph. I understand, I think, the meaning of each word, but I do not find any resonance with any experience that I can remember having that would give these words a meaning. But I’m glad to hear that they represent a breakthrough for you!

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