Bhai Sahib – Episode 1

A four minute audio recording by Gautam Sachdeva, posted on Patreon.

“Bhai Sahib – Episode 1
Gautam shares some quotes of Naqshbandi Sufi Master Radha Mohan Lal Saxena (Bhai Sahib) that impacted him deeply.”

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Bhai Sahib on “The System” 💚

Everything the great Sufi Master said to Mrs. Tweedie on “The System”…as found in Mrs. Tweedie’s book: “Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master”…will be listed below. I also included Bhai Sahib’s words as recorded in the book: “Living with the Eternal Truth” by his eldest son Sri Ravindra Nath.

Consider this as Review Notes on The System…

These are All Direct Quotes…None of what is below is composed by me…or by anybody else except the two Mahatmas…

And of course, being what it is, the below quotes are for the 1 in 100,000,000 (one in one hundred million) who Thirst to know…..

PS. He was a “Maker of Saints” 💚💚💚

1) The SYSTEM aims at the transformation of the whole self through a process of Inner Purification.

2) The SYSTEM teaches the disciples to think only of the Absolute Truth or Self-Realization.

3) The System does not advocate complete renunciation or abstinence, it simply teaches you to practice non-attachment even while enjoying worldly possessions.

4) In Our System suffering ultimately leads to purification of the heart. So we regard them as blessings in disguise.

5) The Sufi System trains a disciple in such a way–through living in the material -he keeps himself from body and mind.

6) The Sufi System is not a dull and monotonous repetition of some hymns or rituals which do not help in the inner transformation of the Self. Ours is a living System which cleans and transforms you step by step and ultimately makes you understand reality or Absolute Truth.

7) Our System of spiritual exercise is based on the Master-disciple relationship which is the central point of Sufi philosophy. The Entire System is based on Love.

8) That is the central theme of Our System of worship–that the Lane of Love is too narrow to love more than one –and that one is the Beloved.

9) In Our System everything depends on the intensity of the disciples love and feeling of surrender for the Master.

10) Our System has never been widespread; it is for the few. and it is from heart to heart; and the goal is reached in one life. But how many want the Truth?

11) The Lane of Love is too narrow to accommodate more than one–hence the central theme of our System of worship is that
one is God in the form of the Perfect Master.

12) Our System is based on the simple fact that without the Grace of a Perfect Master none can not successfully navigate to Self-Realization; and only by the Grace and blessings of God does one come across suck an awakened soul.

13) In our System, all the Saints (Buzurgs) of our Supreme Spiritual Path (Silsila Aliya) have said that God’s Love (Tazkia Nafs) dominates God’s Awareness (Tasfia Kalb) and have said that God’s Love is the main and primary focus for a follower of our path. This idea is exactly opposite of other Sui Paths–who try to achieve God’s awareness first–than God’s Love.

14) Our System teaches us to always remember that the presence of a pious perfect spiritual master (Murshid-a-Kamil Satguru) is a blessing bestowed by God.

15) Our System teaches that there are three spiritual methods to reach God:
1) Continous Remembrance of God (Zikr-a-Khafi)
2) Close association with the Satguru
3) Complete faith in the Satguru (Rabt-ba-Sheikh)
The Path of Our System is not at all troublesome; it is the easiest path. It only seems difficult when there is confusion.

16) This System, as modified slightly by our Buzurg Saints to suit the modern environment, is capable of making a disciple perfect in one life only, provided the spiritual guide is a Perfect Master who has the power to change the heart… and the disciple by his (her) patience, courage and devotion to the Satguru and perseverance has readied himself (herself) for the task.
This System is meant only for the few as its teaching is done from heart to heart by a living Satguru.

17) Our System is effortless, you have simply to sit before the Satguru and maintain a close association with him. You have not to make an effort. The Satguru will do it for you. He knows how to write on the back of the heart of the disciple.

18) In Our System, the Master trains his disciples in such a way that they experience every stage of the development of consciousness from the lowest to the highest.

19) Chachaji Maharaj’s Master–Maulvi Fazal Ahmad Saheb- always kept him under his watchful eye. Once he sat for an unusually long duration of meditation before other disciples. His Master admonished him for this lapse, as it amounted to exhibitionism which is strictly prohibited in Our System.

20) The seeker has to prove his worthiness and capacity for the spiritual wealth of the Guru. In Our System, everything depends on the intensity of the disciples’s love and feeling of surrender to the Master.

21) The System aims at the transformation of the whole self-through a process of inner purification.

22) The System teaches a disciple to think only of Absolute Truth or Self-Realization. No one should approach a Satguru for the fulfillment of worldly desires. The particular thing in the System is, that the Master fulfills the desires of the disciple at a time when no desire is left in him and she looks forward only to the attainment of the goal.

23) The Buzurg Saints Lalaji Saheb and Chachaji Saheb had modified the System to suit the living environment of the present age without tampering with the fundamental essence of the old System… Our System starts from the Manomaya Kosh and time is not wasted on crossing the Annamaya and Pranamaya Kosh. Babuji maintained that the traditional system of Dhyana (meditation) is a slow one, whereas in Our System love is predominant…only love and Guru’s Grace will make the disciple perfect.

24) According to the Sufi System when the disciple reaches the state of Self-effacement and merges himself in the Satguru, she is passed on to the Satguru’s Lineage, though they may not be alive.

25) The Absolute Truth can only be realized in Silence. In Our System, the soul speaks to the soul. We are known as the Golden Sufis or Silent Yogis. The people in Our System keep themselves camouflaged and worship in silence without letting others know what type of worship is being performed.

26) …To create and sustain love for the Master–is the most important fact—as the entire Sufi System of Training rests on Love.

27) As a rule I don’t tell which chakras are activated and which are not. The whole of life would not be enough to open all the chakras. I, myself, have changed the System somewhat. I did this with the knowledge of my Superiors of course, my Rev. Father and my Rev. Guru Maharaj.

28) Ours is a System of Freedom. But the majority do not like it. People want contortions, Hatha Yoga, discipline, mind control, meditations. They are not happy otherwise; they think nothing is being done. Here I do not ask you even to pray. Just sit here with me.

29) A Master is a Master and nobody should tell him what or what not to do. I can not be limited. In Our System, we do not want slaves. Surrender is not slavery. Surrender is freedom. And shishyas are not slaves; for they learn how to surrender.

30) In our Yoga System, the ultimate result is achieved in one life by Dhyana. Only one chakra is awakened: The Heart Chakra. It is the only yoga school in existence in which love is created by the spiritual teacher. It is done with yogic power. This chakra is the leader and the leader is doing everything…and in Our System, we only deal with the leader.

31) I told you once that we belong to Raja Yoga. But when you try to study from books you will be told: Do this, do that, concentrate,
meditate, sit in this posture. Today it is obsolete. Times have changed. The world is progressing; those methods have been outgrown. They are dead. But our System is alive; it has preserved its dynamism for it is changing with the times.

32) It is of no importance if one believes in these things; and if one believes or not in the Great Hierarchy; Karma is, Evolution is; humanity is taken along in progress. If they believe in certain things or not, it makes no difference. I never mention those things to Miss L., what’s the use? It is not all-important what one believes in Our System of Freedom.

33) In Our System we live in the world, have worries about money, family, and the like. How do you progress without worries? If you are worried, you will make an effort, you make a leap.

34) This Path of Our System, is not at all troublesome; it is the easiest path. It only seems difficult when there is confusion.

35) According to the System, the shishya is constantly kept between the opposites, ups, and downs; it creates the friction necessary to cause suffering which will defeat the mind. The greatest obstacle on the spiritual path is to make people understand that they have to give up everything.

36) If one chooses the Way of the System, if it is done according to the System, then it takes a long time. If one chooses the Way of Love, it does not take long, relatively, but it is difficult. Life becomes very sad. No joy. Thorns are everywhere. But this has to be crossed. Then all of a sudden there will be flowers and sunshine. But the road has to be crossed. There is nothing which can be done about it. People will hear one day that you have been turned out.; and not only that, but other things too. And it is not the disciple who chooses which road to take; it is the teacher who decides.
There are two Roads: the Road of Dhyana, the slow one–and the Road of Tyaga, of complete Renunciation, of Surrender: this is the Direct Road, the Road of Fire, the Path of Love.

37) The middle way is the best. On Our Line, we remain in the world, and reach Reality in spite of that, or if you like, because of that.

38) This is how it is done in Our System. For the one to whom it happens, it is very wonderful because one cannot do it by himself alone. But for the Guru, it is a very ordinary thing to do.

39) Our System is the best. After two or three years you will say: In what a wonderful System have I been human beings are trained in the simplest, the easiest way…how they are put to work according to their abilities and desires.

40) …If you write the book, do not forget to emphasize how love is created. We are the only Yoga System where love is created in this way.
My Rev. Guru Maharaj was always saying: “If you can find a better or quicker way, do go away by all means.” So broad-minded was he. But where can you find a better one? My disciples, if they live as I expect them to live, and follow me in everything, they Realize God in this life. Absolutely. And if they are too old, or the progress too slow, I make them Realize God on the deathbed. God must be realized in this life—this is the only System that does it. After a few years, you will say: To what a wonderful System you have been attracted.

The shared text is not intended as an endorsement, just as a reminder and appreciation of the simplicity and depth of the direct-path.

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.”

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