A cat in the clouds!

“Look, Daddy!
A cat!
A cat in the clouds!”

The man looks, looks at his gleeful daughter, at her straining finger.
He follows it to a dull, amorphous gloop of clouds

“Yes, Daddy!
It’s right there.
Can’t you see its tail?!”

He squints, does not see a tail or any trace of a cat.

“Oh yeah!
I see it now.
Its tail, I see it.”

“I told you!
It’s right there!”

And they stand side by side, staring silently at a single seemingly divergent reality.
So what?

I see this.
You don’t.
I like this.
You don’t.

You enjoy that.
I don’t.
I like him, but not him, though I do like and agree with her.

You feel differently.
Its endless.
Our preferences, affiliations, friends, our frailties, practiced defences.
In some they’re more pronounced, in others they approach sublime.

When is ego not ego?
When it’s dissolved in Pure Awareness.

Does/would Pure Awareness have an opinion or belief or anything at all that could differ or resist?

And isn’t this what our journey is all about;
arriving in this undifferentiated loving place, where all the little broken pieces again become whole and the shattered is healed in one infinite, wordless Homogeneity?

But This, isn’t it.
We love our differences even as we rally for Oneness.
If that isn’t duality?…

It seems what we think is that not all duality is equally unpalatable.
We have graded our dualistic existence.

At one end is the ruthless tyrant, at the other, the monk in their temple, one leg dangling free of its mortal surroundings.

But this is still duality, no matter how enlightened the leg.

Maybe it’s not until we naturally fall silent and lose the impulse for the next book, video, webinar, txt, that we will be approaching, approaching what we claim to seek.

Until then we live our dualist lives, ignorant/sublime, crude/gentle, hateful/loving etc..

To feel uncomfortable, negative towards another says as much if not more about ourselves than it can do, about them.

All resistance is confirmation that the ego is still happily alive and kicking.
See the cloud in the cat, say nothing, let it pass.


Kevin Harlow

By Kevin Harlow


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