Spring Forward LIVE Event

I invite you to a LIVE event on April 1st & 2nd at OHANA WELLNESS in Callander, Ontario. My offerings on Friday include “The Essence of Meditation“, live poetry readings and open Satsang (discussion) with the other panel members. Please click the flyer to see what else is on offer and share with this opportunity with others! Signed/dedicated copies of “Take Heart, Seeker” will be available.

Walter Cecchini

By Walter Cecchini

I am currently serving as a Police Officer (COP - Consciously on Patrol). This non-dual understanding allows me to operate "undercover"... Love disguised as Authority! Check out my non-dual poetry at BeingWalter.com Peace!


    1. They may be David! I know that other events have been recorded and made available so I believe this one will as well. I will advise, thank you for your interest. 🙏❤️😀

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