Meeting Notes 03-28

Mooji: Stay As The Witness And Everything Becomes Smooth And Clear (Tweedledum)

Swami Sarvapriyananda: The Ultimate Truth (Lisa)

The Cure: Hello Goodbye (Chit)

For Judy: Roger Castillo’s Satsang 03/26

What do I really want?

Every meeting at the Garden Of Friends is different.

“What do I really want” is an amazing inquiry, to come out from the sticky trap of me-thinking and me-feeling.

What I really want, in the last analysis, is Peace Of Mind In Daily Living; this insight is a subtle, powerful and highly practical bs-meter, here and now; to effortlessly relax the old compulsive thinking and feeling on behalf of an assumed separate-self.

“Me” is the past, “I am” is fresh; the paradox is that both are of the same substance.

Any expectation implies the absence of what is expected.

We cannot practice becoming who we are, but we can inquire into the nature of mind and demystify the me-chanism of suffering. Suffering can effortlessly drop when we see the “me”-investments in our thoughts, feelings, words, deeds.

Who am I? Is not a struggle, but being home.


Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. Thank you for the summary. I find it impossible to enjoy and participate with Matt focusing the meeting on his uniquely personal beliefs anymore, so I will be taking a break.

    1. Dear David, “others” are very patient when you do your lecturing.

      Not as a pervert, but as a friend, I suggest to see Matt as a divine gift for you. Face your “I don’t like this”, see what the real pain is.

      Do you live in ideas or in Life?
      “I find it impossible” is the voice of the separate-self, struggling to defend its mental house of cards.

      What can diminish you as I am?

      Love is the answer, not separation.

    1. And there “Spector” wins again, like all the previous decades.
      David, why do ignorance, selfishness and darkness seem to prevail?

      Our coming together is higher than making sense.

      David, please make up your mind;
      decide if you want freedom in your person, or freedom from your person.

      We don’t meet for entertainment, but to celebrate the end of ego kindergarten.

      David, to answer your question:
      No, I don’t see an essential difference between the Matt and David action figures.
      Both can appear charming, humorous and ridiculous.

      We are only here to wake up; the person is a temporary appearance.

  2. David,
    How much love, openness and forgiveness is here?
    We can only face ourself, there is no “other”.
    The person loves to indulge in negativity.
    How much investment in the person?
    You might not even hear me.
    Who is suffering?
    Holger, You are right, I do feel negative about you, specifically. There is no forgiveness here yet, and there is not likely to be any so long as you keep communicating from a position of ego and superiority, pretending to be an egoless teacher. You have created a hostile atmosphere that I would rather avoid.

    1. Dear David,

      “Peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances” is a powerful pointer to expose the investment in the separate-self – the one we believe to be.

      What you see in “me” – superiority, pretending to be an egoless teacher – can be released in yourself.

      “Know the truth and the truth will set you free”… it is independent of circumstances.

      The caterpillar dies to become the butterfly.

      To the caterpillar-“me” it might appear as hostility.

      Thank you for investigating into the nature of mind.

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