When is Consciousness not Consciousness



Then, a form, slowly,
steadily, appears.

It’s flat, like the surface of a motionless reservoir.
It is always in movement, but the movement is too small to be detectable – at first.

Then it shimmers.
Small corrugations begin and build to wavelets, these proceed to larger and larger waves to a violence of movement a tempest.

Before abating.
Settling down in to mature swell, even and confident.

Then, a diminution,
the waves falter, fall,
foam and fail to resurrect.

Almost flat the surface is a chaos of movement,
growing slower, sporadic.

There is still movement.
But now the movement is too small to be detectable.

Now again, motionless,
the form grows ghostly,
fades back to nothing.
Leaving darkness. Utter.

Consciousness creating, appearing as and driving through, returning. One appearing as all. The pet that dies – a body is left.

But this too is Consciousness (gross) and will appear to take longer to return, as the reservoir surface seems be there before and extend beyond that which moves it.


Kevin Harlow

By Kevin Harlow


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