The original sin is the one subtle unexamined belief
I am body-mind.

The original misunderstanding happens always now;
being distracted by “me”.

“Unless you are born from above you cannot enter…”

Words are only pointers; playfully lovingly.

The “kingdom” is not elsewhere; it is not in time or place.
it is unconditional love, our birthright, mind blowing.

“To be born” also means to know one’s origin, essence, source;
right here and now!

“Born from below” points to our innocent ignorance, that all we seem to know is what our senses report and “me” can allow to understand.

But what do we know that is not filtered through “me”?

We have the capacity to entertain any thought, belief and hope, but how do we know truth/reality?

What is the core of this moment:
I, I am, I am aware.

This moment – any moment – is only experienced because Awareness is present!

This is the LORD, this is heaven!
The empty open Presence of Awareness – the absence of the assumed “me”, with all its fears, doubts and assumed limitations.

But we are afraid of the depth of “I don’t know” and rush into the slavery of our familiar “me”, and eat with the swine; trying hard to “make sense” instead to let Life/Awareness/God show us the way.

Pride, shame and confusion easily gets into the way;
the person – we believe to be – prefers suffering over the no-thing of simply being; right here and now, prior to the arising of mind.

The instruction is simple: “ask and ye shall receive…”
But somehow we never learned to overcome our shame/pride to ask/risk freedom questions.

“I am with you always” … is the voice of Consciousness inviting us to examine our “me” to see how we entertain the separation from Love/God/Source.

How do I overlook the elephant in the room?
Not knowing myself I feel intimidated by thoughts and feelings; hypnotized by a “me” that exists only in thinking and feeling.

The person is the dead weight of unexamined childhood beliefs.

Mr. Jesus is not “another” out “there”, but Awareness – my impersonal Self (unadulterated by an assumed “me”):

“I am the light of the world”…
without Awareness, without Reality/Light/Love, what IS?

Who am I?

The cross/stake is the subtle art of discerning “me” from “I am”.
To not habitually run away into reacting, but to be response-able, dedicated to love and truth in words and deeds.

The humbling and liberating embrace of “I don’t know”.
The paradox of being fulfilled and protected by having no “me” to hold onto.

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”… can be a comforting thought, but living by it very likely makes the personal “me” kick and scream.

What is Easter?

How does it relate to you and me?

What is at stake?

What remains when the assumed “me” is energetically discharged?

So many boring questions…?

Always back to the lovingly delicious “I don’t know”.

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”

We are the greatest gift, but unknowingly reject it in favor of an imagined “me”…

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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