A Magical Thing

The Yoga of Unpleasantness

Human contact is nurturing and inspiring when we master our own yoga of unpleasantness.

The old POV of “me” mixed up love with liking and disliking. It was busy with suffering while defending unexamined childish beliefs and faulty thinking. It was hungry to be someone and afraid of “other”, not seeing the gift of human interactions.

Meeting at the Garden Of Friends is always a win-win when our heart beats for love and truth.

The main magical thing, that can only be experienced patiently but not explained or forced, is to learn how we handle our own feelings.

The Garden Of Friends is not a boot camp to fix or refine spiritual ego, but a simple humble place where we can risk the profoundly freeing experience that all thoughts and feelings are conditioned and limited.

Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex

The person is habituated to make sense and to feel ‘good’ in the familiar grooves of separation.

Meeting at the Garden Of Friends is not about changing, suffering or getting somewhere, but to gently and playfully become aware of the energetic charge of the me-bubble, beyond our conscious control.

In a safe space, dedicated to love and truth, the effortless invitation is to uniquely experience how we ourself create and suffer the sense of separation, since decades! Simply seeing this sets us free.

Blame And Shame?

It is more like an art than the consumption of a magic pill: we can only think one thought and feel one feeling at a time.

Instead to blame so called “other” or shame “me” for some assumed unpleasantness the invitation is to relax the habitual “me”-sense into the open space of awareness; without expectations, without investment; nothing at stake but the priceless gift of waking up from a lifelong hypnotism of the me misery.

The freak-when-see of love

Books, videos and workshop cannot replace real-world human exploration and experience, here and now.

Our birth-right is happiness through peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances! What hinders us here and now to relax the caricature of who we think and feel to be “me” and to dissolve as the love, wisdom and depth of “I don’t know”.

No need for practice or mental acrobatics:
Are we either invested in “me” or brave to have nothing to hold onto?

“A fingernail can hide the sun.”

Since decades we miss the mark…
we heard the wisdoms, the words, the pointers more than a million times, but we don’t live the simple subtle discernment between “me” and “I am”!


As a concession: there is maybe the practice of not habitually running away from our own confusion, our hunger to be someone, our sense of shame, guilt or pride; to not shut down but to one time bravely trust…

Since decades our beloved “me” managed to impress or intimidate us into separation and longing; what does it take to experience and share the causeless profound peace of simply this moment?

Meeting impersonal friends who can help us to see the elephant in the room is priceless (and humiliating for the old “me” sense).

The greatest human discovery doesn’t necessarily come with a firework:

Empathy Goes Both Ways:
Mastering Our Own Unpleasant Feelings & Welcoming Them in Others
Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

Greetings from California. Please don't hesitate to email me at Holger@NonDualSharing.com regarding this and that. GardenOfFriends.com, BasicWisdoms.com, NonDualSharing.com, nondual.community...


  1. On the surface of the ocean, there is movement. But the ocean does not move. There is no separate entity in reality. There is one reality which is the reality of awareness/consciousness.
    This understanding is available to all of us equally and awaits our acceptance.
    Once we say yes, it is as if we have pressed the download button. The download is initiated and takes a certain time to complete.

  2. That is a very long essay lauding this meeting, supported by Magdi. It is not what I found here. I found a persistent attack by Holger, forcing teachings on me when I had indicated that I did not want to be taught. Like others in the past, I found it necessary to leave and find more pleasant, welcoming, open, and less conditioned friends elsewhere. I apologize for posting this comment, but I felt it appropriate.

    1. Dear David, do you remember Mooji saying (paraphrased):
      I can tell you a thousand times that I love you, but when I say one time “hmmm, I have a little doubt” then this is what mind latches onto.

      David, how often were you the first in the meetings, for months!

      Who cares about superficial pleasantness when it is only used to hide from the unexamined pain and confusion of the separate “me” identity?

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