After breakfast, after a two hour meeting at the

Thank you Allen for your dedication to the idea of creating a non-profit!
We will have a good board of directors ❤️

What is at the core…
Fostering heartfelt human connection and interchange?

Center for Art and Education?
A place to come and team together;
not driven by money, fear or neediness, but by our love for truth;
our readiness to outgrow the cocoon of “me” as an isolated entity.

Tricky, not to end up in empty blah-blah, but to keep it practical.

Thank you Life!
Thank you for your friendship, your bravery, your openness (-;

Thank you Lisa and Walter for the idea of donations!
My email should work on Paypal and Venmo.

Money often felt like a misguided aspect in “my” life;
an area ready for more insight, clarity, humble abundance…

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

Greetings from California. Please don't hesitate to email me at regarding this and that.,,,


  1. Holger et al., I’m presently engaged in an adversarial proceeding that promises to end by August 1st (in 3 months). After it, I will be available and at your service to create a California non-profit corporation, and to seek its Federal IRS tax-beneficial status; if some group (consider 3-5 initial founding Directors) desire to do so. It can be a group/corporation related to the Garden, or not. Love to you.

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