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There are happy thoughts and unhappy thoughts.

Thinking itself is not the problem.

Peace of mind.

Just some thoughts regarding the idea of incorporating…
Nothing is cast in stone; fluid but not wobbly.

Suggestions for the board of directors:

Judy – Marketing & Sustenance
Eliana – Emotional Support
Lisa – Spiritual Quality Control
Walter – Public Speaker, Author
Allen – Legal Clarity (Yes, Please)
George – Financial Wisdom
Holger – Misc. (

Potential panel of experts/supporters:

David – Academic Liberation
Magdi – Spiritual Friend
Libby – Divine Bookkeeping
and many more ❤️

All with a grain of humor, but unwavering towards the end of suffering.
Please excuse me if I didn’t mention you, or got it all wrong.

I’d like to learn important words/concepts that might be helpful in regard to Being incorporated/integrated, to make sense to grown ups.

Your input / feedback is appreciated:

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

Greetings from California. Please don't hesitate to email me at regarding this and that.,,,


  1. I don’t see the point of incorporating. A fellowship seeking deeper understanding of nonduality has no need to protect itself from litigation or to establish itself in commerce, especially for-profit commerce.

    Of course, if it’s just a playful game, a fun way to spend time, then who cares? Don’t stop with incorporation. Send out press releases. Put up posters. Announce the group to the press. Invite Magdi and Roger to be on your Board of Directors. See if you can get schools to offer courses in nonduality with you as the teachers. Have fun in the relative. Why not?

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