Happiness and the human being

Francis Lucille:
(Thank you Frank for this transcript!)

49:14 “As long as we believe we are a human being happiness will elude us, because the fundamental mistake we are making is to believe to be this human being, meaning to be this human body.

You know what are really, before you are this human body you are this intelligence who is hearing these words right now and who understands them.

You are that before you are this human body.

So the question is: If this intelligence, which is hearing these words, could be happy that would be the end of the problem, right.

The body doesn’t need to be happy, only this intelligence which is hearing these words needs to be happy, that’s sufficient.

Now, perhaps the only thing that prevents this intelligence, which is hearing these words right now – which is the real you – from being happy and that is that intelligence believes to be this human body.

And as long as this intelligence believes to be this human body it limits itself, it carves itself as a fragment out of its wholeness and as a result her wholeness is missed and the missing of the wholeness is the longing for it.

It is the longing for this happiness, which is the longing for your wholeness; but the truth is that this intelligence is already whole and complete and that the missing of her wholeness is only her choice of entering a dream of being just this human “ant” crawling on the surface of the earth.

A human ant crawling on a speck of dust lost in this universe and forgetting the infinity of this intelligence which you are, which we all are.

That’s the lost paradise the lost heaven.

It is not out there in the sky, it is right here, right now as this intelligence who is denying itself its infinity and at the same time knows its infinity both denying what it knows and that creates the conflict that creates action.”

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Francis Lucille
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