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On May 3, 2022, at 8:58 AM, Holger wrote:

Dear Libby,
Maybe you can help me to better understand the last sentence (from Francis’ post “Happiness And The Human Being“).

“… A human ant crawling on a speck of dust lost in this universe and forgetting the infinity of this intelligence which you are, which we all are.

That’s the lost paradise the lost heaven.

It is not out there in the sky, it is right here, right now as this intelligence who is denying itself its infinity and at the same time knows its infinity both denying what it knows and that creates the conflict that creates action.”

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On Thu, May 05, 2022 at 7:04am, Libby wrote:

Hello Dear Holger : )

I had to listen to the woman’s question (a couple times) to see exactly what Francis was replying to.

Then I listened to Francis’ entire response a couple times.
(Then I listened to the entire video.)

Thanks for the opportunity for such thorough listening/analysis!

She was asking about happiness and the sense of longing and if there were ‘actions of love’ he was taking.
When he stopped her to ask her to formulate her question, it was, “how do you become it, be it?”

He answers “understanding” then continues.

Right before the last sentence he says, “this intelligence is already whole and complete and that the missing of her wholeness is only her choice of entering a dream”

the last sentence is the description of that ‘dream of separation’.

Words that arose here regarding this conversation: (Last 3 lines there are seriously under punctuated!)

knowing thyself
no action necessary to be happy as Being Love That You already/always Are / i already/always Am

no action possible! ( even a ‘thought action’ )
(How can you ‘take a step closer to yourself’? impossible!)

all action is the activity of itself/One One Being
knowing true self as always open unchanging knowing of always changing activity

natural (of one’s true nature) peace love happiness Being


Thank you Frank for typing the words and sharing (Francis’ post)!

Just in general:
Isn’t human collaboration wonderful!
“Ask and ye shall receive”…
Why is it so hard to see that the me-bubble was never really real?
What is at stake, but facing the paper tigers of faulty thinking, fear and shame?

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