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Getting Back to Clarity In 10 seconds | Rupert Spira

the clarity that you
speak of is just
the essential nature of your mind
the fact of being aware
or awareness itself

and awareness is always
transparent open empty free knowing
and it is often clouded or dimmed
by thoughts and feelings

disentangle yourself from
the content of experience in which you
have temporarily lost yourself

right now even if
you were deeply depressed even in the
midst of a deep depression the nature of
your mind is clear
open empty spacious
free at peace
fulfilled luminous
not when the depression ends but in the
midst of the depression

find that which is aware of it
in other words
it must trace its way backwards
towards its essence rather than forwards
towards its content

and the more
the more you do this
the pathway will get shorter and shorter
and you will find that less
and less experiences
have the capacity to veil
the nature of your mind

every time you go back to yourself
it will become just that little bit easier

it’ll take ten minutes the first
time nine minutes the next time eight minutes
the next time and in the end you notice
the depression you don’t even need to formulate
the question in the end …

okay it took you 10 seconds
yeah okay that’s it!

why should it ever
take you longer than 10 seconds
so in future don’t give yourself
more than 10 seconds
yeah that’s the maximum
this tension or agitation or depression

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. Yes, Holger. Whatever we become aware of is simply a pale colouring of our blemishless True Nature. It’s this Pristine state that illuminates so effectively anything that appears within it. In this Emptiness the tiniest appearance can seem momentous. But the tiny appearance is – to borrow a fighting term – punching way above its weight. Rupert again, by TKO! (Truth Knock Out).

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