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Hi, friends,

First off, what seems to be in between breaths, is a feeling of gratitude that has found me these days in regards to being able to connect through these newsletters.

What is this place in between breaths?

Is it a place of nothingness, meaning, no object nor subject, no thought being there? Is it so subtle that we don’t even recognize that there is such a place and maybe it is the only space for simply just Being?

When we consciously notice this, we might start questioning then “what is this place where nothing can be touched nor stick around, nor exist? “What is This?”

“This” has no basis for all our created or imagined thoughts about our separate stories. Being there, there is no perception of the past, nor of the future, and not even of the present thinking about that moment itself. It just is.

If we were to refer to this place as zero, like the void, or a circle of togetherness—a recognition that the universe is the way that it is, wouldn’t we perceive ourselves in everything and everything in ourselves within the totality of our perfect imperfections? This may be a beautiful beginning of acceptance of who we are, just as we are.

Our real lives are complete already. And even though there’s more or less we think we can do or accomplish, when we start knowing how everything is a part of us, we kind of let go of wanting to grasp that “knowing” and not only realize the paradox of it all but start becoming playful and easy on ourselves, naturally expanding in all directions, with a deepening of an open heart as well as an open mind combined, as one.

This is a beautiful discovery of oneself. Taking the time to reflect and let it all in, takes courage. It is possible, even for a moment at a time. Just as, to embrace unconditional love, even if it’s at certain times, whenever it may come and found you.

Warm wishes,

love, Sylvia.

As a follower of Live Your Life, I treasure your kindness and appreciate your support to this triweekly sharing of news, letters, and everything in between. Until next time!

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Sylvia Arkilanian

By Sylvia Arkilanian

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    1. Yes, Bill! It’s often when we catch ourselves stopping and perhaps watch what’s being seen. That’s presence calling us home.
      Thank you for stopping by. Lovingly, Sylvia

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