“Friendly Circles”

Friendly Circle

Thank you Dave, Vicki, Frieda, George…
for our Sunday morning meeting ❤️
Thank you Ron for your interest in what I pasted into the chat.
Thank you Fatima for reading it so amazingly:

08:46:54 From Holger@GardenOfFriends.com to Everyone:
“Meditation is who we are, not what we do.”

“And just as it is not necessary to undress in order to feel our naked body, it is not necessary to change the content of experience in any way in order to be in touch with our innate peace and happiness.”

Instead of thinking of experience as a collection of objects or nouns, feel only in terms of verbs.

Instead of thinking, ‘I know such and such’, feel, ‘There is only knowing and I am that’.

Instead of thinking, ‘I love you’, feel, ‘There is only loving and I am that’.

Instead of thinking, ‘I see the tree’, feel, ‘There is only seeing and I am that’.

All three quotes from Rupert Spira.
To live with them for a while; to explore, to discover…
… but unfortunately we get so easily distracted.

Ron, interesting this “heart surgery”.
It adds to immediacy…
less time to play around driven by the old mind,
but to wake up, to not miss the real gift of Life.

If you like, listen to one of Magdi’s Meditations at Magditation.com

Isn’t it amazing how this old-me was able to distract us, to keep us busy, for so many decades… overlooking the elephant in the room:

The first thing we know for sure is ‘I am’.
This simple knowing of our own being – so simple and obvious that it is usually overlooked – turns out to be the most precious knowledge that anyone can have.

– Rupert Spira

“Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex.”

“Excitement is a scam of the mind.”

We heard the words a million times, but somehow the loving immediacy was missing. What do I really want?

On my bucket list is the idea to have BasicWisdoms.com available as a pointer to a profoundly simple insight.

Gratitude ❤️😇🙏🏼
See you again next Sunday at 11:00 ET.

Holger Hubbs

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