Consciousness explained, in under 3 minutes

Consciousness Explained In Under 3 Minutes
(Episode 7 of What Is Non-Duality?) Richard Sylvester

“Consciousness is that
which hears these words.”

To get out of the mess
we have to contemplate truth…

All of life experiences are images on the screen of eternity. The screen is real. The images change. Consciousness is the screen. When you identify with consciousness you become consciousness. When you identify with the image you enhance the image, and you worry, and fret, and fear and you have all sorts of experiences.

As soon as you begin to identify with reality, with consciousness, all fear leaves you, all doubt leaves you, all false thinking leaves you, and you become free. But that’s the only free choice you get. Everything else has been preordained.

Robert Adams

Everything that is, has been, or will be; emerges from, is contained in, and returns to the Tao.
This is why the Tao is called, “Mother of All.”
We don’t need to search for her.
No effort is needed to find her.
She is always with us.
She is us.

From William Martin’s interpretation of The Tao Te Ching.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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  1. Although we cannot phenomenally discover what we are, we know beyond any doubt that we are. There is also no doubt that ‘that which we are’ is aware that it is and is intuitively aware that it is real and that there is only one reality. That is knowable (non phenomenally) beyond any doubt. It is a noumenal knowingness. This knowingness is the glimpse into reality. I/awareness know beyond any doubt that I am, and that I am aware. (Being and knowing go hand in hand).

    The unknowable is that which appears.
    The doubt arises when I know a tree, a bodily sensation or an image. What appears to be is not necessarily what it is. One could be hallucinating or could be under a hypnotic state.

    As long as we confuse the knowable (awareness) with the unknowable (appearances), we remain in ignorance.

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