Beyond Doubt

“Restrict yourself to that which is beyond doubt”

– Francis Lucille

“The now is not a moment in time; it is your ever-present self, this ever-present openness through which all experience flows. You are not a body and a mind moving through a world. The body, mind and world flow through you. Don’t go out to them; allow them to come to you.”

– Rupert Spira

“In thinking you only find the conceptual self.”

Roger Castillo

“The human being is impersonal consciousness of source identified/linked with a body-mind organism functioning through that body-mind organism as personal consciousness.”

– Roger Castillo

“Instead of thinking of experience as a collection of objects or nouns, feel only in terms of verbs. Instead of thinking, ‘I know such and such’, feel, ‘There is only knowing and I am that’. Instead of thinking, ‘I love you’, feel, ‘There is only loving and I am that’. Instead of thinking, ‘I see the tree’, feel, ‘There is only seeing and I am that’.”

– Rupert Spira

I – luminous, open, empty Awareness – am the truth of your Being and am eternally with you, in you, as you, shining quietly at the heart of all experience. Just turn towards Me, and acknowledge Me, and I will take you into Myself.

– Rupert Spira

Holger Hubbs

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