Fernando Osorio, Galaxy in Blue, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 15 x 33 in (38 x 84 cm)

God is the sweetest word
I’ve ever heard,

God is the sweetest word
That I know,

God is the sweetest word
In the entire dictionary,

God is the sweetest word
In every language.

God is the word
I never cease to say
And I don’t get tired.

God is the word par excellence.
God is the word.

(Fernando Osorio, from “Poems in the Light”, April 2022)

Blue Hippo

By Blue Hippo

An old friend, mostly off-line; preferring her privacy.


  1. It’s early morning and I’m sitting outside in my beautiful garden looking at nature and feeling it’s energy… I’ve came across your poem and I would like to use it on my home page. I want to ask you if I can. And of course I would give you credit.

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