immersion in you

…that’s why Utpaladeva one of the great sages of the Kashmir tradition said:

Due to my immersion in you may I be free from the desire for anything other than what is.

May I be utterly filled with delight considering everyone and everything that I encounter as consisting only of you

nothing can ever be added to the one to enhance it
nothing can ever be removed from it to diminish it

in its own experience of itself it is whole perfect

and this wholeness perfection and completion is the experience that we know as happiness

this is the great happiness which has no cause in experience
and for which there is no opposite

as this understanding sinks more and more deeply
into our hearts
the tension of seeking and resisting gradually unwinds
and we find ourselves at peace for no reason

and in time we begin to notice a transformation taking
place in our activities and relationships

we no longer use the world in service of our peace and happiness
we use our peace and happiness in service of the world

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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