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Dear Ron, good talking to you at the GardenOfFriends.com.
The simpler the better…

From Wikipedia:

My Guru told me: “…Go back to that state of pure being, where the ‘I am’ is still in its purity before it got contaminated with ‘this I am’ or ‘that I am.’ Your burden is of false self-identifications—abandon them all.” My guru told me, “Trust me, I tell you: you are Divine. Take it as the absolute truth. Your joy is divine, your suffering is divine too. All comes from God. Remember it always. You are God, your will alone is done.” I did believe him and soon realized how wonderfully true and accurate were his words. I did not condition my mind by thinking, “I am God, I am wonderful, I am beyond.” I simply followed his instruction, which was to focus [relax] the mind on pure being, “I am,” and stay in it. I used to sit for hours together, with nothing but the “I am” in my mind and soon the peace and joy and deep all-embracing love became my normal state. In it all disappeared—myself, my guru, the life I lived, the world around me. Only peace remained, and unfathomable silence. (I Am That, Dialogue 51, April 16, 1971).

Ron, can you read that it says:
focus [relax] the mind on pure being, ‘I am,’ and stay in it.

It is that simple, but “me” comes up with all kinds of thinking and feeling to keep us dizzy and misguided.

Simply “I am” – effortlessly…

But “me” doesn’t want to surrender, can’t surrender.
“Me” is too much invested in the seeking/veiling.

The enemy is in our own house, we create the sense of separation ourself; since decades. Who discovers the seeming trap?

Words are secondary.
While reading, while talking… I am aware.


“Happiness through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances.”

Thinking is a powerful tool… the thorn that removes the thorn.

Instead of angels and trumpets welcoming the seeker there is the arising of humility in seeing the game of still wanting to be someone, even as a seeker.

No you or me, no pride or shame, just the love for truth as I am;
radical openness, nothing to hide from, just clarity.

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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