‘Truth is a Pathless Land’ – Ojai, 1930

Krishnamurti reading ‘Truth is a Pathless Land’ – Ojai, 1930

A comment on Youtube:

“His talks has transformed my life. If only the world would listen attentively and participate while he talks they will also come to the realization of what is actually the truth in everything and how we can once and for all end the psychological war we create in our consciousness because of our conditioning. When you observe things for what they actually are then the truth about what one is observing will unravel and reveal itself without question. Remember the observer is the observed. For example, When you observe the root of fear and all of its movements and you realize that fear is me, then there’s no conflict. One realizes that fear is not something separate from the me and therefore conflict ends. If there’s no conflict there’s no fear. Only then will the sensation of fear end once and for all. I no longer have the overbearing anxiety I carries for most of my life. Thanks to his talks i have realized that I’m not separate from anything including all of my internal struggles. these are as much me as my arms or eyes but to end them at once one must observe the blooming of truth in them.”

Holger Hubbs

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