Bill’s Gift…

Watercolor by Bill Smith

Thank you Bill for this unexpected gift (-;

I start enjoying it 😎…
I cannot help how the Holger entity looks, appears, acts…
nothing to take personally.

You just reminded me about my inner critic; a voice, an uncomfortableness, a fear… that made my explorations into drawing, painting, pottery, music, sport, business, people, and life in general, very restricted.

Amazing, how easily I was intimidated, impressed and exhausted by thoughts and feelings. Suffering… attachments, expectations, shame, blame, guilt, pride… all that self-entertained mind stuff, revolving around an assumed “me”.

Thank you Bill; thank you for your friendship 🙏🏼

Charlie mentioned some days ago that he joined the Garden Of Friends meetings a year ago… amazing!

Gratitude ❤️ to Life, you, everyone,

“It takes a universe to make a sandwich.”

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

Greetings from California. Please don't hesitate to email me at regarding this and that.,,,

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  1. Celebrate your life here on the planet, in the body. It’s beautiful. And celebrate your talents.
    Thanks for being my friend as well, Holger!
    Peace and love,

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