Life is more than what we think and feel…

We grow our “me” based on thoughts and feelings, pleasure and pain, reward and punishment.

Unaware of the nature of mind we belief “I am this body-mind” and call it reality.

For decades we think and feel on behalf of this imagined identity.
For a while this works, as “this world”.

Through unhappiness and suffering we discover that we can inquire into the nature of reality.

We bravely start to examine our beliefs and explore the difference between thinking and experience.

The Bible calls this first viewpoint of life “born from below”:
we only know what our senses report.

The second viewpoint is called “born from above”.
… All words as concessions, in service to the highest human discovery.

Through grace – the gift of life – we start to discern “me” and “I am”:

“Me” as the narrative of the person I identify as, due to decades of conditioning.

“I am”, the freshness of being, the presence of awareness; here and now, impersonal.

Impersonal in this context means unadulterated by faulty thinking, pure, authentic, immediate, fresh; in harmony with Life, as a child of Reality.

Experience becomes more important than the should-would-could from the past. Belief, hope and faith gets replaced with knowing.

“Me” is assumed through thinking and muscle-memory, as a separate-self;
it feels more stale and is invested in circumstances.

“I am” is fresh and alive, open, effortless: aware of body-mind-world.

I am unburdened by the limitations of the personal viewpoint, open for Life to unfold as love, beauty and intelligence.

It is easy to get lost in blah blah.
Words are pointers for our attention to follow.


“Just be still and know I am”.
Psalm 46:10

We can believe and hope whatever we wish, but what do we really know?

Please don’t just read this here as a form of entertainment; it is not intended as a painkiller for a misguided mind.

Pondering, reading between the words and lines requires some patience and love.

Being aware of the reader reading the words?
Playfully examining… seeing for the first time.

“Embrace with your heart what mind cannot understand”.

I experience it as a great gift being together as truth lovers:

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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