Practicing words…

Thank you for our meeting today.

“Truth belongs to everyone”.

“Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex…”

What do I really want?

As a work in progress, as one aspect:

“Whatever comes goes.”

Thoughts and feelings come and go, circumstances change constantly.

Where do I find myself?

Thoughts and feelings arise, but they cannot know who I am.

Mind is good at filling in the gaps, trying hard to make sense, telling stories.

Thoughts and feelings create a sense of “me” that I erroneously believed to be myself.

Who am I, aware of thoughts and feelings?

What is the difference between thinking-feeling and being myself?

I definitely am, beyond doubt, but I cannot tell you what I am.

Bummer, bliss or a simple humble peace (the absence of agitation)?

The experience “I am” … is the presence of awareness, the source of peace and harmony.

The identity “I am this or that” … can be a practical limitation, or the source of suffering. 

Just some words, as a playful experiment, to practice using words.


PS: A short meditation I enjoy very much… but as a disclaimer I had more than a year to examine and relax my own fears and doubts about the speaker… discovering that what he points to deeply resonates true:

Please don’t bother if it just sounds like gibberish, maybe his accent is hard to understand… not to kill the charming messenger, but to listen to the message, if it happens.

Holger Hubbs

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