…the day after

The instruction is “keep your mind stayed on God/Reality/Presence”.
The whole shebang: Good, bad, indifferent.

We only defend illusion.
We were misguided to invest into a ghost.

Agitation is the separate-self; body-mind has preferences.

Sorry if I sound dogmatic (maybe to read slower).

Our stateless-state is peace.

Peace is not a pleasure.

Words are secondary.

Just pointers for know-one.

being is

non-being is not

your entire experience is a validation of being

it is not about
your life

about the world
about your culture
about your body
your experience is an ongoing validation of being

not being somebody
not being good or bad
but the pure being
pure awareness

before you say i am this or i am that
you say and you know i am

i am is the peace
i am is the freedom
i am is the totality
i am is the sufficiency

as soon as you add i am somebody

you have entered into the sense of lack
and the sense of limitation

Excerpt from a short meditation:

“…the soul can only receive impulses from another soul
and from nothing else; we may study books all our lives
we may become very intellectual but in the end we find
that we have not developed at all spiritually…”

Gratitude for our friendship ❤️
For meeting each time freshly.

No need to define who I am,
no conditions to fulfill to be happy.

Seeing the game of the assumed “me” fighting for its ideas.
Emotional discharge, who cares?

Fear or love?
So simple, so… wordless

Holger Hubbs

By Holger Hubbs

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